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Knowledge Base

  1. Access 

    1. My dashboard is stuck on loading
    2. Netvibes is slow/doesn't load
    3. How do I set Netvibes as my default startpage?
    4. Minimal requirements, browsers supported/recommended
    5. Be automatically signed each time I access my page
  2. Account 

    1. How do I change the language of my dashboards?
    2. I did not receive my activation email
    3. I'd like to activate/deactivate the public dashboard
    4. How do I delete my Netvibes account?
    5. I have lost my password, how do I recover it?
  3. Analytics 

    1. How do I manage my brand’s Facebook Fan page?
    2. How do I filter out data from certain domains?
    3. Does Netvibes Premium allow users to drill down and compare data?
    4. How many platforms does Netvibes support?
    5. How many search strings with boolean operators can be set?
  4. Company Information 

    1. What is the size of Netvibes company?
    2. What is the customer base (number, type, industry) of Netvibes?
    3. For how many years has Netvibes been operating?
    4. What is the trend of adoption of Netvibes in the market as compared to competing softwares?
    5. Is there a list of any industry analyst reports where Netvibes is mentioned?
  5. Content 

    1. How do I import my feeds into Netvibes?
    2. How do I export an OPML file?
    3. How do I delete my public dashboard?
    4. How do I delete my private dashboard?
    5. How do I turn a private dashboard into a public one?
  6. Dashboard of Things 

    1. Dashboard Of Things introduction
    2. How Dashboard of Things does work?
    3. What are Dashboard of Things Potions?
    4. Advanced mode overview
    5. Is there a limit to the amount of Potions that can be created?
  7. MisoData 

    1. What is MisoData?
    2. What kind of data can be imported?
    3. What is a Quantitative Time Series?
    4. What is a Quantitative Series?
    5. What is a Qualitative Series?
  8. Mobile 

    1. Does Netvibes provide dedicated mobile interface?
    2. Does Netvibes allow offline mode?
    3. Does Netvibes provide an iPhone app?
    4. Is Netvibes a Native App, a Web App, or a Hybrid App?
    5. Does Netvibes provide an Android app?
  9. Netvibes Webinars 

    1. Netvibes Insights presents Social Media for Life Sciences
    2. Netvibes Insights presents Financial Services: The New Social Ticker
    3. Netvibes Insights presents Detroit 2.0: The Big 3 Go Social
    4. Netvibes Insights presents Kraft: A Social Snack Strategy
    5. Netvibes Insights presents Intranet Portals: Integrating All Your Enterprise Apps
  10. Open Corpus 

    1. How do I add sources quickly?
    2. How do I import any article from the internet into my dashboard?
    3. I want to set up monitoring for our company but no data is found when doing a search
    4. What is a "Corpus"?
    5. What are the best practices for building a Corpus?
  11. Reporting 

    1. Does Netvibes have reporting tools?
    2. How do I create and export PushMail reports?
    3. Can you customize your Pushmail reports?
    4. How to Use Netvibes for Press Clipping Reports
    5. Does Netvibes provide automated alerts and reports?
  12. Security 

    1. Describe the Netvibes overall security approach in the product including technical implementation, components, ability to work with 3rd party products, etc
    2. Does Netvibes support an externalized security solution for authentication and authorization?
    3. Does Netvibes securely store its users data?
    4. Does Netvibes provide user access controls depending on role?
    5. Does Netvibes Premium support SAML based federated authentication?
  13. Team collaboration 

    1. Does Netvibes allow push notifications to client browser?
    2. Can my colleagues see the content sources through analytics? (Netvibes Premium for Teams)
    3. How do I share a dashboard to selected users, without the need to create user accounts?
    4. Does Netvibes allow team collaboration?
    5. Can I manage groups of users ?
  14. Translators 

    1. How can I change my translator avatar?
    2. What are the skills required for translating?
    3. Do I need technical skills or HTML knowledge?
    4. Ok, I have my account and I am ready to rock. How do I begin?
    5. What is the "Needs work" box?
  15. Tutorials 

    1. Different ways to use Netvibes
    2. Creating your Open Corpus - A Step by Step Tutorial
    3. How-To: Your Very First Dashboard
    4. How To Monitor Social Media with Netvibes Dashboards
    5. Create a Netvibes Widget for your Blog
  16. VIP 

    1. How to subscribe to VIP?
    2. What is Netvibes VIP?
    3. What is Universal Search?
    4. Does Netvibes allow VIP users to filter by specific keywords?
    5. How do I limit search results by time period?
  17. All articles 

    1. How do I add sources quickly?
    2. How do I change the language of my dashboards?
    3. My dashboard is stuck on loading
    4. How do I import my feeds into Netvibes?
    5. How can I change my translator avatar?
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