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3DS / Netvibes Q&A


Companies need to make better and faster decisions on everything that’s going on inside and outside of their company. Our vision is to empower Social Enterprises with a better Experience at all levels (from suppliers to employees to customers). To do that we need a way to connect Enterprise silos with the real-time Web, personal with professional apps, user intelligence with algorithms, etc.

Netvibes pioneered Dashboard Intelligence, technologies that can connect all these different types of systems together on real-time dashboards. By adding Dashboard Intelligence with the power of Dassault’s 3DExperience, we can help companies and users at all levels Listen, Learn and Act smarter and in real-time on all levels—from the smallest bolt on a plane to online ad campaigns—to truly Experience Everything.

This acquisition is based on achieving this ambitious vision together.

Enterprise and user context

What challenges are enterprises are facing today?

Today, enterprises need to navigate the shift towards becoming Social Enterprises that can adapt instantly to everything that’s going on both inside and outside their borders. For companies, there is a need to connect multiple internal Enterprise systems and data with the external real-time Web. Most importantly, there is a need to understand what is going on, why, and what can be done in real-time across all levels of the organization, internally and externally.

What challenges users / employees are facing today?

Employees have discovered new tools and use cases for their personal life and need ways to integrate it with their professional life and Enterprise tools—across multiple personal and work computers and mobile devices. People increasingly have multiple roles within a company and need to work and share information across multiple levels of the organization, internally and externally, across many different systems.

What is Netvibes today?

Who is Netvibes and what is their business?

Founded in 2005, Netvibes is the pioneer in Dashboard Intelligence and one of the most awarded and well-known Internet brands. Netvibes dashboard platform and Universal Web App technology is used by some of today’s biggest agencies, brands and enterprises to listen, learn and act better and faster on the real-time Web.

Where are the Netvibes offices located?

Netvibes has offices in San Francisco and Paris, with representatives in New York. CEO Freddy Mini is based in San Francisco. Primary operations are in the US and France.

What is Netvibes’ key financial data?

We don’t disclose financial data for our acquisitions. However, Netvibes is a successful company with strong revenue, counting many top brands and enterprises among their clients.

What are Netvibes’ products & technology?

Netvibes Basic: For consumers, Netvibes Basic is the award-winning personal dashboard that helps millions of people around the world instantly dashboard everything that matters to them

Netvibes Premium: For marketing professionals, Netvibes Premium is the cloud-based dashboard intelligence platform for brand monitoring, social analytics, campaign management and much more. It is available for both individuals and teams.

Netvibes for Enterprise: For large agencies, brands and enterprises, Netvibes for Enterprise is available as SaaS or on-site, with advanced features for universally deploying apps on multiple dashboards, devices and platforms (code once, run everywhere), plus custom deployment and development capabilities.

Netvibes has 2 core technologies:

  • Netvibes Dashboard Publishing Platform – the award-winning real-time dashboard platform used by Fortune 500 brands and enterprises with deep user personalization, push-publishing and a built-in library of 250k+ web apps
  • Universal Web App (UWA) technology – allows enterprises to code once and deploy apps across all platforms and devices, with a native-like UI experience

What is Netvibes’ total installed base?

In total, Netvibes has more than 4 million active monthly users and serves more than half a billion web apps per month. Netvibes also has an ecosystem of 15,000+ publishers and developers and 250,500+ universal web apps. Languages 90

Netvibes Premium and Netvibes for Enterprise is used by more than 200 clients, including some of today’s top agencies, brands and enterprises.

How are Netvibes products sold today?

  • Direct Sales to companies
  • Indirectly through agency and enterprise partners
  • On the Web via self-serve Netvibes Premium for individuals and teams

How is Netvibes priced?

  • Free for Netvibes Basic
  • $499 / user / month for NPD1
  • 955$ / 5 users / month for NPD5
  • Volume pricing for more users and enterprises

What is the typical Netvibes deal size?

$30-50k for agencies, $200-500k for enterprises

How many customers does Netvibes have?

More than 200 clients, including some of today’s top agencies, brands and enterprises.

Who are the major customers?

Digitas, Nestle, McCann Worldgroup, Emakina, U.S. Department of Energy, L’Oreal, HP, Edelman, Numericable, RTL.be, Lufthansa and Sage.

Does Netvibes have significant competitors?

For Netvibes Premium: We are the only solution that offers aggregation plus analytics, all in one dashboard platform.

  • Aggregation: Enterprise portals, such as IBM Websphere and Liferay
  • Analytics: Radian6, uberVU, Sysomos

For Netvibes Basic: Free services like iGoogle and My Yahoo

What are the main Netvibes product differentiators versus competitors?

  • Universal Integration – the ability to integrate any enterprise or web app seamlessly together on dashboards (ie. Salesforce, SQL, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Sharepoint)
  • UWA – code apps once and deploy on all platforms and devices, with native-like UI
  • Deep Personalization – award-winning user personalization features let users control every aspect of their dashboard and choose from a library of 250k+ web apps
  • Open Corpus – unlike “black box” analytics, Netvibes lets companies control their sources of information for smarter results
  • Persistent Alerts – smart alerts that can trigger mobile alerts or trigger Web systems based on important trends or changes in sentiment

Rationale of the Acquisition / value creation for our customers

What has been announced?

With the acquisition of Netvibes, Dassault Systèmes is making a significant step in providing 3DExperience to the Social Enterprise. Netvibes brings Dashboard Intelligence to the 3DExperience platform, enabling Social Enterprises to:

  • Listen to everything: enterprise data (structured and unstructured, processes and products) and external world (data, feeds and widgets)
  • Learn from everyone: individual and social intelligence, algorithms and data intelligence
  • Act in real-time: adaptive decision making, alerts, automation, triggers for enterprise applications—in real-time and from any device

What did the acquisition cost Dassault Systèmes?

Not disclosed. It is a 100% acquisition.

Does this acquisition enable DS to enter new markets?

Yes. Particularly in the Enterprise Portal and Social Analytics.

Why did DS purchase Netvibes?

Shared vision… to Experience Everything Dashboard Intelligence… award winning dashboard platform and UWA technology Team…

Why did DS select Netvibes?

  • A technical platform proven by years of consumer / Internet operations and ecosystem development (including a technical standard UWA)
  • Highly qualified technical resources, with experience of SaaS, high-load deployments and worldwide operations
  • A well known Internet brand, uniquely positioned as a leader in aggregation and analytics
  • A Widget ecosystem of 200,000+ widgets

What is the strategy behind this move?

Experience everything: Listen, Learn and Act

Why was Netvibes for sale?

Netvibes was not for sale. No solicitations were made. Netvibes saw the opportunity to join forces with a global leader that shared a similar vision.

What is the value created for our customer companies?

  • Empower with internal (integrate all systems on unified dashboards) and external (aggregate and analyze the real-time Web)
  • Enable understanding / learning
  • Allow adaptive and relevant action / reaction

What is the value created for our users?

  • Recognition of his specificities / customization
  • Harmonization of pro/perso life (similarities and functionalities)
  • Enable efficiency / optimal added-value while supporting listening, understanding and action.

Q&A with our users

When we announced last week that we joined forces with Dassault Systèmes (DS), many were excited, some had concerns. We really appreciate your thoughts and wanted to answer your questions in a separate post for clarity, rather than lose these points in long comment threads.

Below is a digest of some of these questions with answers from Freddy Mini, CEO of Netvibes.

Will your privacy policy will remain the same?

We’ve never sold our users’ profiles. And we don’t intend to change that. Not only would it go against our philosophy, it would harm our business model. Our business and enterprise clients rely on Netvibes because of the privacy benefits and data freedom we offer, just like our free users do.

But what about our free product?

Unlike other dashboard/startpages/readers, Netvibes Basic (netvibes.com) is not ad or search supported, so there’s no temptation to sell or mine user data. So it’s in our best interest, our users’ best interest and our client’s best interest to maintain our privacy policy. It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Will Netvibes remain free?

Netvibes Basic (netvibes.com) has always been free: ad free, logo free and restriction free. And it will stay this way. Our motto is Dashboard Everything: we want to give dashboards to the entire world, whether personal users or Fortune 500 enterprises.

Our business strategy is Dashboard Intelligence: “Dashboard” means monitoring and aggregation. “Intelligence” means business intelligence, including analytics, alerts and decision-making tools.

Our “Dashboards” are free, but “Intelligence” features are found only in Netvibes Premium and Netvibes for Enterprise because they are for business use.

When we first launched our business solutions more than 2 years ago, some users were concerned that we would abandon our free product. In fact, as we promised, the opposite was true. We continued to add new features for our free dashboards including: the 2-in-1 SmartReader, 1-Click Dashboards, reader Livebar, new iPad and iPhone mobile versions, offline reading and much more.

Was this acquisition something that your investors requested?

Nowadays investors stick around for about 10 years. Ours stayed for 5.5 years and they were not in a hurry to get out. I want to thank them for their support throughout these years. Netvibes was never solicited for sale and our revenue is solid.

But sometimes you meet the perfect partner and fall in love. With DS, we found the perfect partner who shared our vision of bringing Dashboard Intelligence to the enterprise world.

This acquisition represents a big change or risk I am not prepared to follow.

It is of course your choice and we respect that. Our products aren’t changing or our brand. Our team remains the same and so does our dream. The difference is now we have the help of a big software company who wants to give us the global resources to support our dream: to make the world’s best dashboards.

I encourage you to judge for yourself based on the product and what you know us for.

Wait, who is Dassault Systèmes? Someone commented they are a defense manufacturer?

  • Dassault Systèmes is not a defense, aerospace or weapons manufacturer.
  • DS is the first (by revenue) software vendor in France, second in Europe.
  • DS has been an autonomous company since its inception in 1981; DS is publicly traded on Euronext stock market since 1996.
  • 100% of the money used to acquire Netvibes comes from DS software revenue and nothing else.
  • DS has 10,000+ employees who are 100% committed to software business and nothing else.

In the press

If you want more information, please have a look at those press articles relating to the acquisition of Netvibes by Dassault Systèmes. We also invite you to research Dassault Systèmes yourself and learn more about them and the amazing 3D technologies they build.