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Delete public dashboard

You can not delete your public page, a Netvibes account always contains a public dashboard but you still can chose to activate or deactivate it.
Click here to see the steps

Delete private dashboard

A Netvibes account must have at least one private dashboard. It's not possible to have no private dashboard at all.
If you want to delete a private dashboard, follow those steps:

  • Click on 'Dashboards' on the right top of your private dashboard
  • Select 'Manage…'
  • Click on 'Delete' link
  • Validate your action

The dashboard is automatically deleted.

Turn a private dashboard into a public one

You can not turn a private dashboard into a public one, but you can duplicate/transfer its content.

  • Click on 'Dashboards'
  • Select 'Manage…'
  • Click on the red link 'Rearrange tabs'
  • Drag & drop tabs to move them from one Dashboard to another
  • Hold the ALT key while dragging to copy a tab

Lost content

This could be due to a desynchronization with our server.
Go to www.netvibes.com/?reset_cache=1 to reinstate your account

Embed a private/public dashboard into another website

A Netvibes page can not be embedded into another website: Netvibes doesn't allow iFrame.

Lost & Found tab appears

This issue occurs when an app is not installed correctly, e.g. you add an app and refresh your dashboard before the process is complete.
When this happens, the 'incriminated' apps are installed in a 'Lost & Found' tab by default.

If you have a 'Lost & found' tab, go to http://www.netvibes.com/?reset_cache=1
Your page should be refresh with all the modules in the correct place

If the Lost & Found is still displayed:

  • Create a new tab
  • Move the content from the 'Lost & Found' tab to the new one
  • Delete the 'Lost & Found' tab

When you add or modify any content, always check that the red square (the loading indicator) above the title of your page has disappeared before refreshing your dashboard or doing any other modification.

How often will Netvibes update my feeds?

Our crawlers are working on behalf of you to relentlessly periodically check servers where RSS feeds are published and ask if there is anything new. The frequency at which this happens makes posting a story and seeing it pop up on Netvibes vary.

Update frequency is automatically adjusted by the publisher’s posting frequency (upon the last 30 days) and the feed popularity.

  • Default is 20 minutes
  • Popular or very talkative feeds will, of course, update very quickly
  • Feeds with a low frequency or with errors get updated only a few times a day, and even, a week, in some cases.
  • Feeds of paying users, VIP and Premium always jump to the front of the queue to be updated in priority.

Sometimes my feeds are only checked once a day?

Some of the sources we must connect to in order to update your feeds may limit the number of our requests on an hourly or daily basis.
You can help increase that limit by contacting the source and asking them to whitelist Netvibes crawlers. If you subscribe to a feed and do not see the feed’s articles delivered to your dashboard, verify that the feed URL points to a valid feed (use spring cleaning for that).

Feeds do not update anymore

Start by opening the RSS feed/web URL in a single browser window and check if the last update matches the one on your dashboard
If it doesn't match, go to www.netvibes.com/?reset_cache=1 to clear your account cache

'There is no news in this feed' error message

Start by opening the RSS feed/web URL in a single browser window and check if one or several items are displayed
Go to www.netvibes.com/?reset_cache=1 to clear your account cache

The favicon is not updating

Netvibes uses a cache for all favicons. When a favicon is updated on a website, there might be a delay before you can see the change in Netvibes (max. 14 days).

'Looks like this feed is not valid or currently not responding' message

Go to www.feedvalidator.org/ and check if your RSS feed is valid.
It could also be caused by the RSS feed server host taking too much time to respond to our server request

Feed app is stuck on loading

Go to www.netvibes.com/?reset_cache=1 to clear your account cache
If you try to access netvibes.com from your workplace, your computer may be behind a proxy that could caused this kind of issue. Contact your system administrator.

Read/unread counter inaccurate

If you read/unread count seems inaccurate, this might related to a server hiccup.
To fix it, follow those steps:

  • Mark all your incriminated feeds as 'unread'
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Refresh your page to check that they are indeed marked as 'unread'
  • Mark all your feeds back to 'read'
  • Wait a few more seconds
  • Refresh the page and check that they are now marked as 'read'

Thumbnails not displayed on the 'Link' app

Go to http://open.thumbshots.org/image.pxf?url=blog.netvibes.com
If no image is displayed, it might be caused by a filter that blocks the thumbshot.
If you encounter this issue at your workplace, contact your system administrator.

Can't add multiple Bookmarks apps with different content on the dashboard

The Bookmarks app content is unique to your whole dashboard. If you duplicate it on multiple tabs, it will still hold the same content.

Workaround 1
One way to overcome that limitation is to use various ‘tags’ in the Bookmarks app and choose to display one specific tag on each tab, as shown in the following screenshot.

For privacy reasons, you also can not duplicate or add a Bookmarks app on your public page.

Workaround 2
Instead, you can use the 'Link module' app or copy and paste your list of hyperlinks in a 'Webnote' or 'Html' app.

Unsubscribe from a feed

Apps view

  • Click on the cross icon on the top right of the feed app.
  • A validation message will appear, asking: “Are you sure you want to delete this widget?”
  • Click on “delete” to confirm your choice or click on “cancel” if you have changed your mind.

Reader view

  • On the left panel (list of all your tabs, feeds and apps), select the feed you want to unsubscribe from.
  • Click on the “settings” icon on the top of the reader, next to the title of the feed.
  • Click on the red “Delete” button.
  • A validation message will appear, asking: “Are you sure you want to delete this widget?”.
  • Click on “delete” to confirm your choice or click on “cancel” if you have changed your mind.