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Upgrade App View from 12/19/16 DOWNGRADE--It's HORRIBLE, UGLY & DIFFICULT TO READ

NV no longer user friendly to basic patrons.

# of settings gone, replaced w/ lists that don't even provide a FULL headline.

Bad options of huge font wasting space where 2nd line is repeatative of headline (really?!) leaving no room for articles to scan which is the point of an rss feed dashboard to scan at glance in the first place...OR

short/med/tall lists of articles w/ boring small, gray-hard-to-read font that is redundant in design for all apps--AGAIN THE LISTED ARTICLES HEADLINES ARE CUT OFFw/ a column break & date.
which defeats the purpose of glancing/scanning which is the purpose of rss feed widgets/apps, frustrating to read a partial headline w/ the only alternative to open directly to the website to gain the full headline and then determine if to be read or not, and then switch back to the next headline that is cutoff and so the cycle continues on and on--this defeats even having a dashboard app view if it's inept, useless and laborious.

Hovering to get a gist of article content GONE.

Scroll useless--once opened article directly to a website, I can view what's offered there to read--I don't need endless lists of articles I've already read!

App View ruined aesthetically--just lists in squares w/ the only distinction between apps being the heading logo--boring, UGLY, unpleasant and hard to read--annoying w/ the cutoff, yes again!


Time to find an alternative.

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    Susanoz shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • bangbang commented  · 

        I totally agree here! this is BS! Im not able to read the FULL headline! WTF!

      • don commented  · 

        I used to love Netvibes as an RSS aggregator - now, with your recent change, it's become unusable to me. No longer ability to "bullet" each entry; scrolling through each feed box is a pain; inability to get a short and complete summary view of each feed entry makes it unusable.
        Hope you'll make NetVibes the excellent tool it was ('til recently).

      • Dave Smith commented  · 

        OK, I bit the bullet. Am going through my hundreds of feeds, changing each one by clicking on Settings, changing the View from Condensed to Normal, which they should have done for all of us when they changed it all. Time consuming, but a chance to delete links I don't really use.

      • Dave Smith commented  · 

        Anyone consider that they WANT to lose readers who do not pay a dime for this service. They have been pestering us to upgrade. Now, they are simply trying to pare down the free users. Hate it, hate it! Leaving for greener pastures.

      • Doug commented  · 

        > More tinkering is currently under development

        @NetVibes none of the bullets will fix the horrendous usability of the new scrolling RSS app. We need at least an option for a paged view and a limit on the number of articles displayed. Why is the development team ignoring the core problem?

      • Émile commented  · 

        No need for insults here, netvibes' devs are probably doing their best. But I agree with the criticism, being able to fall back on pre-2016-12 configs is highly desirable for me.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This new design stinks. What made netvibes stand out was the configurable apps that didn't just look like other readers. I loved netvibes and used it everyday, multiple times a day, so this is pretty disappointing. But I've found a new reader website I like better. So unfortunately I am moving on to greener pastures.

      • Julien commented  · 

        Please bring back the line number limitation per app. Without this setting my dashboard has dramatically increased and is now barely unreadable. :'(

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I am now looking for another rss reader. There is absolutely NO CHANCE that I would pay for ths dog’s breakfast, or recommend it to anyone else.
        On my PC it is dysfunctional, often requiring refreshing the whole page to see the new articles that the number tell me are there. I have hidden the unnecessary scroll bars (Hint: They are NOT and improvement)
        It is unuseable on my tablet, where touching the screen can bring up an unwanted precis, make the app scroll down, open a random article in a new window, and swiping from side to the other often doesnt work at all.

      • Paul commented  · 

        They seem to be tinkering with the UI on the fly now, I'm not sure which is worse, before or after roll out.

        I've lost the icons on a lot of sites, never had that issue before, they increased the spacing between feeds in normal view on the headline summary, but the spacing is inconsistent, there is also little contrast regardless of what they say, and etc.

        The inconsistent spacing and loss of icons is what bothers me the most now.

        It's a freaking mess...Looks horrible, before and now after.

        P.S. I set up Start.Me, it is a very good combination of feeds and bookmarks, not a terribly bad UI, will take some getting used to, but it's very functional.

      • Andrew Rossmann commented  · 

        First, the other thread I started at http://faq.netvibes.com/forums/214378-general/suggestions/17479012-i-hate-new-reader-app-view was not deleted. It was merged into this one. You can see my original post at the very bottom.

        I have also noticed a new bug with this update. Sometimes, when I click on the unread number on a multi-tab app to mark all read, it doesn't always appear to clear. But, if I then click on a tab, it suddenly clears. It is set to load all tabs and display unread for each.

      • Walter commented  · 

        One line titles are ridicilous, please go back to the old 2 line headlines. Sad story, but netvibes after this update is unusable!

      • AdminNetvibes (Netvibes, Netvibes) commented  · 

        As announced last week, we updated the font colors a few days ago. Both your unread and read items are now darker and should be more visible on all types of screen.

        More tinkering is currently under development. You should soon be able to do the following:

        - right-click on your articles to mark them as read
        - clearly see when your apps retrieve new items
        - adjust the left-hand side menu when you are reading your articles
        - see all the articles in the dark unread font when you are on a public page.

        Thanks again for your comments and feedbacks.

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