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Upgrade App View from 12/19/16 DOWNGRADE--It's HORRIBLE, UGLY & DIFFICULT TO READ

NV no longer user friendly to basic patrons.

# of settings gone, replaced w/ lists that don't even provide a FULL headline.

Bad options of huge font wasting space where 2nd line is repeatative of headline (really?!) leaving no room for articles to scan which is the point of an rss feed dashboard to scan at glance in the first place...OR

short/med/tall lists of articles w/ boring small, gray-hard-to-read font that is redundant in design for all apps--AGAIN THE LISTED ARTICLES HEADLINES ARE CUT OFFw/ a column break & date.
which defeats the purpose of glancing/scanning which is the purpose of rss feed widgets/apps, frustrating to read a partial headline w/ the only alternative to open directly to the website to gain the full headline and then determine if to be read or not, and then switch back to the next headline that is cutoff and so the cycle continues on and on--this defeats even having a dashboard app view if it's inept, useless and laborious.

Hovering to get a gist of article content GONE.

Scroll useless--once opened article directly to a website, I can view what's offered there to read--I don't need endless lists of articles I've already read!

App View ruined aesthetically--just lists in squares w/ the only distinction between apps being the heading logo--boring, UGLY, unpleasant and hard to read--annoying w/ the cutoff, yes again!


Time to find an alternative.

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    SusanozSusanoz shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The display in app mode has changed recently. In condensed mode, now there is only one line displayed which makes the feeds unreadable!

      • DougDoug commented  · 

        Looks as if the new app view is semi-functional (though truly ugly) in Microsoft Edge. But the layout is completely busted in Chrome on Windows, hiding the time and placing the scroll bar behind the text. Did anyone bother to test this change with multiple browsers?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Just verified that OPML export, then import into Protopage, works. You have to manually set up your tabs and arrange the columns, but all of the subscriptions migrate.

      • MikeMike commented  · 

        It's bloody awful.

      • RaulRaul commented  · 

        What a bad change! We miss not only a fix number of lines, but also two lines for long titles. And we don't need the start of the new after the title. Please return to former configuration.

      • Harvey CrossHarvey Cross commented  · 

        It was perfect.It was the only perfect site of its type. And now it's gone. Over the hills and far away.

      • mnkymnky commented  · 

        First iGoogle, now Netvibes. Never call a home "Home" and always have a packed bag at the door. Does make you want to flip the bird to someone, thou.

        In search for a new page. Will check back in a few days, but I think this was it. Protopage first, it was also a candidate in 2013.

      • SitsofeSitsofe commented  · 

        Things are improving (22nd) wrt to the colours and the brinig back of the tooltip. I think the tooltip still shows too little (given that it now tries to show the full title as well). Further when a link is clicked and it shows you the full page view clicking the X at the top right doesn't return you back to the overview page but rather leaves it full-screen (which is disconcerting). Additionally infinite scroll is difficult to use with a trackpad as it scrolls the entire page when you reach the bottom of a sub-box...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I agree. So much harder to navigate

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        If someone is really reading this, I would beg this someone to please show complete headlines with line break in condensed view, this is the major issue to me.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I was talking about protopage.
        On top of the page there's a little button called colors/settings.
        That gets you to a settings page with a section called "advanced page settings".
        I checked "Disable news item photo thumbnails" and "Apply line wrap to news headlines".
        But what I miss is a way to see older headlines, it seems you can't go back beyond what's shown in each box.

      • SusanozSusanoz commented  · 

        Downgraded update renders scan-at a-glance unreadable and unusable. Visually, this is an infantile mess that is nonfunctional for its purpose. No point in sticking w/ something that is completely frustrating. I keep checking back user comments for posted suggestions for competitors' alternatives... and then I'll be gone.

      • kk.kk. commented  · 

        A horrible new layout, I think I look for an alternative.

      • SusanozSusanoz commented  · 

        Anonymous, where are the advanced settings that make it look better? Can you direct me/elaborate? If you mean the individual settings for each app (4 dots in the formation of a square in the app header), I note that:

        Condensed at short/med/tall is still the same w/ no line wrap/cutting off the text that I can't tell what the article is about.

        List at short/med/tall is the same as Condensed except for the line spacing w/ a faint gray line, but still no line wrap/cutting off the text that I can't tell what the article is about.

        Normal at short without scrolling a little closer to what was previously existed w/ the text line wrap, but awfully hard to read read gray color and displays only 3 articles (too few for rss feed scanning). With scrolling, 27 (too many) or so articles w/ pictures/photos (which I don't want). ALL IN BIG UGLY UNATTRACTIVE FONT THAT TAKES UP TOO MUCH SPACE, rather than lending itself to displayed articles at a glance which is what a dashboard is supposed to b. e I HATE HAVING TO USE THE SCROLL BAR TO SEE CONTENT & WAY TOO MANY ARTICLES W/ PICS. Once directed to the website, I could view other content at will—the point being, I had no need for your scroll bar before changes, but now it is just a substandard workaround to try to navigate what I want to read, but useless in scanning at a glance.

        Normal at Med/Tall - Same as Short only longer list of articles w/ pictures.

        Mosaic: RIDICULOUS, AWFUL, DON'T EVEN BOTHER W/ THIS MESS--A CHILD COULD PRODUCE BETTER AESTHETICS/DESIGN!!! Defeats the whole purpose of a dashboard to scan/read at a glance.

        Hovering added, but it takes too long to do that for every article just to get a gist of understanding of what the article is about (especially where no line wrap). LABORIOUS FOR USERS TRYING TO FIND A WORK AROUND TO SCAN/READ AT A GLANCE.

        Sorry, but no matter what they do to this MESS OF A TEMPLATE that has ruined Netvibes Basic Apps View, it will never even come close to what was before the 12/19/16 changes that users enjoyed.


        Fire your developers, designers and programmers and whoever headed up these changes and put this out there and PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS. Long standing users are searching elsewhere in drovesto duplicate what we had before in Netvibes. YOUR PRODUCT IS NO LONGER USABLE OR READABLE AS YOU'VE MADE IT NOW.

      • Andrew RossmannAndrew Rossmann commented  · 

        Update Dec 21 afternoon: It looks like someone is reading this. The unread text appears to be a bit darker. Also, hovering the mouse over an entry now has the preview text.

        I looked at some of the alternates other mentioned. Protopage seems to only display up to 10 entries in a widget, with no scrolling. Start.me gave a McAfee web warning when I tried to go to the examples page, with details showing PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) issues.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I’ve been using Netvibes for years and I don’t like the changes and it’s not user friendly:

        – In apps mode unread items are grey, read items are also grey (just a bit lighter grey), hard to see the difference
        – Too much text on 1 line, I only need to see the item header, screens are now full of text, very hard to read
        – There used to be a tool-tip when hovering over the item showing more information, it’s gone, just fading text
        – With a right click an item could be marked as read, leaving others unread, to read them later, it’s gone
        – Mostly, the apps are no longer auto refreshed, for new items to show, I have to refresh the apps manually or scroll down and up again, so it’s no longer ‘feeding’
        – The scroll bar for older items is nice, however often the old style windows scroll bars are shown
        – Scrolling down sometimes keeps ‘loading’ forever
        – The number of items per app could be set to fit all apps on one page/tab, now I need to scroll the page or make all apps ‘short’

        This ‘revamp’ is really disappointing.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Oh wait, I found the advanced settings, looks better now.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I've tried protopage, but I can't get it to look the way I want it. It alway shows me pictures next to the headlines, which I don't want.

      • Barn NighBarn Nigh commented  · 

        nice you state that you won´t stick with the unreadable font colors – but I do not want to read more than just the headline.
        Also I want to set the number of articles I do see in condensed mode per dash – and not be imposed a number by you ..

        Only changing colors will not be good enough for me – please bring back the old style completely.
        Changes should always be optional and not imposed – something that MS had do learn the hard way (and still is).

        I´m lookging at start.me right now, and must say while not everything is perfect there too, I have a feeling that I can configure it more to my liking than on netvibes currently.

        I would never have even looked at other options than netvibes without your change …

        Regards – Barn

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Protopage has even more UI controls that Netvibes just took away from us. I'm trying it now. Looks like a good replacement.

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