How to install the Netvibes bookmarklet

First, ensure that the bookmarks toolbar is displayed for your browser. If it is enabled, you will have a row of bookmarks displayed directly below your URL bar:

If it is not, follow the instructions for your respective browser to show it:

Go to your Netvibes Premium Dashboard and click on an article to open the feedreader:

In the top right of the feedreader, click the tag icon to open the SmartTag sidebar:

At the bottom of the SmartTagging sidebar, note the 'Add to my dashboard' button. If you don't see it, contact your Netvibes business partner to ensure it is enabled for your dashboard.

Click and drag the 'Add to my dashboard' button to your bookmarks bar:

You can now SmartTag sites outside of Netvibes by simply clicking the 'Add to my dashboard' bookmarklet.

Troubleshooting: If your bookmarklet is not working, please ensure you are using the latest version by re-adding it using the steps above.

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