Netvibes free trial

To show you all the possibilities of Netvibes offers, we are offering to any new customers a free trial - no commitment required - of Netvibes VIP that will automatically expire if you do not subscribe.

After the end of the trial, your account will be automatically downgraded to Netvibes Basic.

Netvibes VIP
At only $2/month (billed yearly), Netvibes VIP is the useful dashboard for anyone who wants to track specific topics online. VIP users get access to Tracked Topics, Universal Search, Unlimited Potions, SmartTagging and priority support. Read more about Netvibes VIP here.

Netvibes Basic
After 14 days of VIP, user dashboards will revert to Netvibes Basic, our 100% free dashboard for everyone. Basic users can read articles, manage social media and apps/devices, and create Potions (Basic is limited to 5 active Potions at once; VIP and Premium are unlimited).

Of course, users can upgrade their dashboard at any time to VIP or Premium in order to retain access to those features. Learn more about all of Netvibes’ dashboard offerings here.

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