Personal data retention period

Netvibes does not store your Personal Data for more time than necessary. Retention periods may vary depending on the data categories and the processing activities.

Where Netvibes is processing and using your Personal Data as permitted by law or under your consent, Netvibes will store Your Personal Data only as long as required to fulfill the purposes set out above, until You object to Netvibes’ use of your Personal Data (where Netvibes has a legitimate interest in using Your Personal Data), or where you gave Your consent, until you withdraw it. However, where Netvibes is required by applicable law to retain your Personal Data longer or where Your Personal Data is required to assert or defend against legal claims, Netvibes will retain Your Personal Data until the end of the relevant retention period or until the claims in question have been settled.

Users can exercise their rights of the Personal Data (access to, modification) by logging on to their account.

Users can delete their Personal Data by deleting their Netvibes Account. 

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