I did not receive my activation email

Check your email spam box where the activation email could have been redirected.

If you still don’t find it:

  • Try to sign in with your login/email

  • If you have an 'Invalid email or password. Forgot your password?' error message:

You maybe misspelled your email address during your Netvibes registration

If you remember the email you used:

  • Sign in with this email

  • A message error message is displayed: 'This account must be activated. The activation link has been sent to your email address. We can send you the confirmation e-mail again.'

  • Click on the ‘We can send you the confirmation e-mail again’ link

  • To send the activation email to a different email address than the one you used during your signup, click on ‘Entered a wrong e-mail address during signup?’

  • Enter your password and your new email address

  • Click on the 'Send' button

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