Be automatically signed each time I access my page

In the general preferences of your browser, type in the home page field

When you sign in, don't forget to check the “Remember me” box. You also must allow your browser to save your login and password

You can bypass the "Welcome Back" page by using this URL

Internet Explorer

  • Click on the “Tools” menu at the top of the browser

  • Select “Internet Options”

  • Go to “Autocomplete Settings” and check the “User names and passwords” box


  • Click on Firefox menu at the top left of the browser

  • Select “Options” (PC) or “Preferences” (Mac)

  • On the “Security” tab check “remember the password”

Google Chrome

  • Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar or click on Chrome menu

  • Select “Options” on PC or Preferences on Mac

  • Click the Personal Stuff tab

  • Check “Offer to save passwords” option


  • Click on the Safari menu at the top of the browser

  • Click “Preferences” then “Autofill” tab

  • Check “User names and passwords” & “Other forms” options

  • Close the window


  • Click on Opera menu

  • Select “Preferences”

  • Go to “Forms”

  • Check “Enable Password Manager”

  • Click “OK” to save

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