Ok, I have my account and I am ready to rock. How do I begin?

Once you are logged in to http://translate.netvibes.com you will gain access to a list of all languages open for translation.

Next to each language you will find the following information:

- A dark green progress bar: percentage of completion of the language - A light green progress bar: percentage of strings that still need some work - A grey progress bar: percentage of untranslated strings - The name of the latest translator who made a modification

After entering your language page, you will notice that strings are organized into 2 sections:

- Netvibes: strings used for Netvibes’ interface and widgets - Ecosystem: strings used in the Ecosystem site and other related pages (Netvibes Buzz…)

Click on the section of your choice. You will be presented with either one of those messages:

- Translation complete: there's nothing more to translate in that section at the moment, good job! - Continue translation (x words left): there's still some work to do.

Clicking on either one of those messages will open a new page with a list of strings. You can either review them and suggest a new translation, or enter a brand new translation if the string has not been translated yet.

You can navigate through strings using the bottom toolbar, which will allow you to:

- Search for a specific string - Filter strings (translated, incomplete, untranslated, etc.) - Go to a string ID

The original English string is displayed on top of the translation box. To translate a string, simply click in the white cell and type your message. When finished, click on the “suggest” button to save your suggestion. You’re done!

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