What are the substitution variables and how do I use them?

Variables are placeholders that will be substituted with values once the translated message is online.

e.g.: Step {0} out of {1} here, this may be displayed online as “Step 1 out of 3”, “Step 2 out of 3” etc…

Variables can be numerical or alphabetical

e.g.: First mentioned by {name}, {timeago} may be displayed online as “First mentioned by John Doe, 2 hours ago”

Variables must not be translated, they must be used without any modification and strictly copy/pasted.

However, you are free to change the variable placement inside the message to adapt to the sentence structure and word order of your language.

Warning: In RTL languages, when you copy/paste a variable from the original message (left column) to the translated message (right column), the way the variable is displayed may be reversed if the variable is in the form ”%x”. If (and only if) this is the case, do not change this, otherwise the variable won’t be able to substitue the correct message when online.

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