What is a Quantitative Series?

A quantitative series dataset is one which has numeric values associated with it but does not change over time. The output will typically be a list of items, each with it's own value. With MisoData it is possible to output multiple data series to the same chart.

The data set must contain one column for the labels and at least one other column of values. The first row of your dataset must be used to set a field name for each column. In the example below Name, Rate, Hours and Net Pay are the field names.

Example of dataset:

Name Rate Hours Net Pay
Kent Clark $10.00 51.4 $514
Rogers Steve $14.00 60.14 $842
Osborn Harry $12.00 48.9 $489
Parker Peter $12.00 38.16 $458
Grey Jean $10.00 88.4 $884

When you export your dataset (any quantitative series), make sure that:

  • it uses a dot (”.”) as a decimal mark, not a comma (”,”)

  • it has been stripped of any unallowed special characters, accent, diacritical mark or formatting (%, PM/AM, currency symbols, etc.)

MisoData only recognizes a single row of column names. If column headers in your spreadsheet span multiple rows, edit them so they occupy a single row.

If you get an error message when you attempt to upload your file, please review the possible changes you may need to make to you file for it to work correctly.

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