What is a Qualitative Series?

Qualitative series data is that which does not have a numeric value associated with it. Statistics are determined based off the frequency with which terms occur in the data.

Only one column can be graphed at a time, there are no special requirements as long as all the terms you want to count are in the same column.

In this example dataset we will graph the column Importance:

Category Tasks Importance Assessment
Day to Day Win/Loss Analysis LOW Not Done
Product Strategy Competitor Analysis LOW Not Done
Product Marketing Pricing MEDIUM Done
Plan and Design Risk Planning HIGH Done
Execution Scope HIGH Done

The resulting chart will represent the total number that each value (LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH) occurr in the Importance column.

If you get an error message when you attempt to upload your file, please review the possible changes you may need to make to you file for it to work correctly.

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