How do I create a MisoData from a Google Drive spreadsheet?

In order for our system to download the CSV file, you need to follow this guide to generate a download link for the CSV file of Google Drive Spreadsheet.

1. Open a Google Drive Spreadsheet

Click “Share” to change share settings

2. Change Access Settings

- Click  “Change”  to change access settings

- Click “Anyone with the link”

- Click “Save”

3. Publish to the web...

a. Select  “File”  at the top navigation

b. Click “Publish to the web…”

c.. Make sure the option  “Automatically republish when changes are made” is checked

- Click “Start publishing”

- Copy “Document link”

Replace  “pubhtml” with  “export?gid=0&format=csv“

Change from<KEY>/pubhtml

Change to<KEY>/export?format=csv&id=<KEY> (csv file)

To export only a specific sheet, change to<KEY>/export?format=csv&id=<KEY>&gid=<SHEET ID>&single=true

Google spreadsheets provide also:<KEY>/export?format=xlsx&id=<KEY> (xlsx file)<KEY>/export?format=ods&id=<KEY> (ods file)<KEY>/export?format=tsv&id=<KEY> (tsv file)

Google Spreadsheets have not been optimized for large volume spreadsheets which makes accessing them via the API a challenge. 

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