How do I create and export PushMail reports?

Ever wish you could save time and automate reports to your team or clients? Want to quickly export social analytics from Netvibes Premium to your spreadsheet or presentation? Now it’s easy with Pushmail:  our visual reporting and exporting feature for Netvibes Premium.
Now you can get automated, custom designed reports sent to your team, clients or yourself – including your latest social analytics charts.

 Here’s how:

  1. Add everything you want reported to a New Tab (The following apps are available in PushMail: RSS, search apps, Tracked Topics, analytics, MisoData, Facebook search and compare, Twitter search and compare, webnote, HTML editor, image widget, web page, and to do list).
  2. Publish the Dashboard (you must be a publisher or admin to do this)
  3. Go to the NPD Manager > Pushmail > Add a pushmail and select the New Tab or a collection of apps to be reported.
  4. Insert recipients and choose delivery frequency. If you want to change your reports, just update the order and content in the tab you created.

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