What is a "Corpus"?

Netvibes Open Corpus is the sum of all the sources used for listening and/or analytics. Building your own Corpus is vital to analyze what matters and avoid unnecessary noise. 

Define your own Internet perimeter
• The Internet keeps getting bigger, and most of it is just noise. No company can contain it all.
• Mute the noise and focus precisely on the conversations that matter.
• Achieve better insights in less time.
• Only Netvibes enables you to define your own personal corpus.


Your Corpus can include all the RSS feeds within your Dashboard, all Publisher's libraries, all the SmartTags across all Users of the Dashboard (Premium for Teams). Other solutions take a "black box" approach, advertising the intelligence of their algorithms and the large size of their library. However, you can never truly trust their analytics, because you know nothing about their algorithm or what is inside their library.  Netvibes Listening Solution gives to brands control over sources of information then the ability to train analytics and incorporate human opinions. 

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