Can my colleagues see the content sources through analytics? (Netvibes Premium for Teams)


Netvibes' DNA is in user personalization and thus privacy is a major concern for us. Analytics only use content sources within your own dashboard and Publisher's libraries. With Netvibes Premium for Teams, only SmartTags are shared across all Dashboard users in real-time, since they represent your published opinions.


Your Dashboard is about the product you are in charge of, i.e. a soda. You work in the bottling division and are in charge of production. The original dashboard was published by the Marketing Manager, so you start your dashboard with the content sources he originally setup. You can then remove those you don't want and add those about advanced bottling techniques you like. Now you have your own Corpus and your analytics will be yours and yours only. The marketing manager will not see your dashboard, your specialized feeds, or your analytics.

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