What are the main Netvibes product differentiators versus competitors?

    Universal Integration – the ability to integrate any enterprise or web app seamlessly together on dashboards (ie. Salesforce, SQL, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Sharepoint)

    UWA – code apps once and deploy on all platforms and devices, with native-like UI

    Deep Personalization – award-winning user personalization features let users control every aspect of their dashboard and choose from a library of 250k+ web apps

    Open Corpus – unlike “black box” analytics, Netvibes lets companies control their sources of information for smarter results

    Persistent Alerts – smart alerts that can trigger mobile alerts or trigger Web systems based on important trends or changes in sentiment

    On premise or cloud based deployment options.

    Users can quickly and easily define their own sources to query.  New sources can be added and unwanted sources can be removed on the fly by the user 

    Users can customize the sources, analytics and other tools and content to address their individual requirements without affecting other users' dashboards.

    Ability to present both internal/structured data and external/unstructured data on the same dashboard

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