I want to set up monitoring for our company but no data is found when doing a search

If you want results, you'll have to build a corpus/library with RSS feeds or news searches which relate the keywords you are looking for.

You can use our News Search apps (available in the Essentials menu) and add RSS feeds of your favorite websites. That will produce indexable streams on which we can rely on for a future filtering

Sources can be : online media, social media accounts such as facebook pages or twitter accounts, influencers, blogs and bloggers etc..

To ensure a basic brand monitoring, here some basics to consider:

- Adding a set of general tech sources
- Adding a set of more specific blogs and references
- Adding some social media accounts 
- Creating tags and filters to qualify relevant articles 
- Shortlisting "top articles" 
- Add some relevant analytics KPI # of mentions / Trends / List of mentions / Influencers / Sentiments

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