How do I import any article from the internet into my dashboard?

If you ever come across things within your browser you’d like to read “at some time” then the Netvibes Bookmarklet can help you. 

The Netvibes bookmarklet allows you to bring any article from the web into your dashboard even if it doesn't have an associated RSS feed.  You can easily SmartTag anything you read, just by clicking the bookmarklet.

As a Premium user, you'll see a link to install the bookmarklet when tag panel is opened.  Just hold your mouse button down on the "Add to my dashboard" link and drag it to your bookmarks toolbar in your web browser.

Now you can easily SmartTag anything you read on the Web, just by clicking the Add to my dashboard bookmarklet. You can record not just the tag, but also the sentiment of the article as well.

If you have multiple dashboards, a dropdown at the top allows you to choose which of your dashboards to add the article to.

Stay in sync, wherever you go

Whether you SmartTag using your Netvibes Dashboard or outside Netvibes with the bookmarklet, all of your tags will stay synced in real-time. The tagged articles will be perfectly synced when you login to your dashboard.

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