Does Netvibes allow team collaboration?

Netvibes Premium SmartTagging is easier, faster and smarter than regular tagging. When you read articles, you can bring up a tag editor panel that helps you tag things super quickly, by offering you a list of tag suggestions and even a categorized tag map. This means you can save time just by clicking the relevant tag you want, instead of worrying about coming up with an appropriate new tag keyword each time. 

SmartTagging also lets you add “sentiment” to each tag, which enables you to voice your opinion on each tag. The tag will then change color, so others can quickly see what the sentiment is. If there’s controversy, such as when one person rates a tag, like positive or rightfully priced, and another rates the same tag negative or too pricey, a warning icon will be attached. This makes it easy to gauge your team’s opinions and visualize controversies at a glance.

If you want to build a history of information for your team, SmartTagging is the perfect tool for that.

4. SmartTagging from Netvibes on Vimeo.

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