Does Netvibes allow keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to work faster by using your keyboard. Here is a list of available shortcuts. Note that they will change depending where you are on the site. You can press h to list them when you are on

Apps view shortcuts

Shortcut keyDefinitionAction
hShow contextual helpDisplays the list of available keyboard shortcuts for the current context

Navigate through appsMoves the focus from one app to another
EnterPerform app actionPerforms an action on an app: open feed reader for RSS, start editing for a webnote, etc.
eEdit appOpens the edit panel for the current app
rRefresh appRefresh the current app
dDelete appRemove the app from your page
EscRemove focusRemoves focus from current app
1,2,…,0Go to tab 1 to 10Switch quickly to the tab you want
j,kNavigate through tabsSwitches to the previous/next tab
sOpen settings pannel
t then hTab helpOpens the Tab help panel
aAdd contentOpens the content panel that allows you to add new content to your Netvibes page

Advanced module shortcuts

Shortcut keyDefinitionAction

Move app aroundMoves the current app around
Shift-tMove to topMove the current app to top
Shift-bMove to bottomMove the current app to bottom
Shift-aMark all item as readOnly for RSS apps
Shift-uMark all item as unreadOnly for RSS apps
Shift-dDuplicate this appake an exact clone of the selected app
Shift-cCollapse/ExpandCollapse/Expand the selected app

Tabs shortcuts

Shortcut keyDefinitionAction
tthennNew tabAppend a new tab to your tabs
tthendDelete tabDeletes the current tab, modules will be moved to another tab (hold shift/alt to delete modules too)
tthenrRename tabRenames the current tab
tthenpPublish tabSubmit this tab to the Netvibes ecosystem

Change column numberSets the number of columns to 1, 2, 3 or 4 for the current tab
tthenoTab optionsOpens current tab options

Content panel

Shortcut keyDefinitionAction
hShow contextual helpDisplays the list of available keyboard shortcuts for the content panel
aAdd new feedOpens the content subscription popup
enetvibes ecosystemGo to the netvibes ecosystem
EscEscapeClose the content panel

Feed reader shortcuts

Shortcut keyDefinitionAction
hShow contextual helpDisplay the list of available keyboard shortcuts for the feed reader
pPreviousRead previous item
nNextRead next item
UpPreviousScroll in content and read previous item
DownNextScroll in content and read next item
SpaceNext unread itemScroll in content and read next unread item
aAll readMarks all items as read
uUnreadMark the selected item as unread
Shift-uUnread alMarks all items as unread
EscClose the feedreaderCloses the feedreader window and goes back to your Netvibes page.
iShow websiteDisplay the full website into the feed reader
fReader sizeSwitch reader size

Reader view shortcuts

Shortcut keyDefinitionAction
j, kNavigate through itemPrevious/Next item
UpPreviousPrevious item with smooth scroll in item
DownNextPrevious item with smooth scroll in item
SpaceNext unread itemScroll in content and read next unread item
L, RightShow websiteOpen item link in new windows
w, fSwitch feedviewSwitch to website/rss view
aAll readMarks all current item as read
Shift-aAll unreadMarks all current item as unread
uRead/UnreadMarks current item as read/unread
rFlag/UnflagFlag/unflag current item to read it later
1,2,3Switch viewList/Expanded/Mosaic view
sSidebarToggle sidebar
Shift-up/downSectionsNavigate through the sections and feeds
Shift-rightSectionsExpand the focused section if collapsed or load it
Shift-leftSectionsCollapse the focused section
Enter, Shift-OSectionsLoad the focused feed or section

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