How subscribe to Youtube channels in your Netvibes?

In order to follow a YouTube channel in your Netvibes dashboard, you'll need to:

Basic method

Depending on when a Youtube channel was created, it may have a username but usernames are no longer required for channels.

Open a YouTube channel's page and copy the URL link, which is something like:

Go back to and open the Add panel

Open the Reading App wizard and paste the URL link in order to let Netvibes give you the RSS feed you want

Add the RSS and that’s it.

Advanced method
  • If no username available, use channel ids
  • Identify the YouTube channel's ID (.i.e. 'UCWOA1ZGywLbqmigxE4Qlvuw' for Netflix US). You can find the channel id by looking at the address bar in your browser when looking a the channel’s home
  • Replace "[XXXX]" in the following URL by the channel's ID[XXXX]
  • Example:
  • Subscribe to this URL in your dashboard

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