Different ways to use Netvibes

Different ways to use Netvibes
As a free, a VIP and a Premium user.

I’d like here to share with you the difference in what you can do with Netvibes simply by sharing how I personally use it. Because I'm an Apple and Netvibes fan, I will use Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference as our example topic.

As a free user…

If you are a free user, you can aggregate thousands of apps in your Netvibes: feeds (RSS/Atom) but also any apps picked from our 200,000+ catalog or apps you’ve created yourself (can be RSS-based or using our super powerful development platform, UWA. Doc is here). Netvibes is unique as the only product that offers two ways to read your content, through an App view and a Reader view. In other words, the functionality of Netvibes is like combining two separate Google products, iGoogle and Google Reader, in one.

Reader view

2. The App (or widget) view

App view

This tab has all my favorite tech blogs. This is my personal corpus. No noise, no annoying stuff, just what I like. Tailored by me, for me.

As a VIP user now…
The VIP status gives VIP treatment. Not only do I get guaranteed support and a faster Netvibes, but I also get what is personally my favorite feature--Universal Search. The Search bar on the top now gives me access to a super powerful search engine (powered by our friends at Exalead) with magic facets on the right that automatically detect special entities in content like the type of media, the language used, publication dates, names of people mentioned, companies mentioned, events mentioned, places mentioned, authors of those articles and sites where they were published. All this without any tagging!
Search results ready to be filtered simply by clicking on facets automatically defined on the right
Today, I’m interested in all about Apple during the WWDC, and for my comfort, I read faster when articles feature an illustration, so I’m asking Netvibes to give me all the articles on Apple and WWDC that include images. Here are my results:

Netvibes will continue to update my new app here as real time as possible. Oh, and my new app above can be read on mobile and can also be shared. We even went further by allowing our VIP users to export their app as an RSS they will be able to embed or read anywhere! Yes, do you have a preferred RSS reader on your iPhone? Simply grab the RSS made of your special search out of your own corpus and enjoy it your favorite way.

Want to try it? Click here to grab the RSS as shown above!

Want to be a VIP user?
Only 2 € a month. Click here to get the VIP treatment.

Finally, as a Premium user…
Free is for aggregating and reading. The basics of Dashboarding.
VIP is for special treatment (support, tracked topics, faceted searches…)
Premium is for Dashboard Intelligence. Premium is all Learning from everyone and Acting in real time. To get started, I’m asking Netvibes: What’s happening? The app below gives me the number of mentions within my personal corpus. As with a survey, the quality of the sample defines how trustworthy the outcome will be and thus, provides the confidence to make up your mind and help you make the right decision. Because I defined the corpus (or in our team version, the corpus is defined by people work with and trust), I believe in what I see. I’ve added pinpoints to help me understand what happened
Ask Netvibes:
What is happening for Apple and WWDC
I’ve asked Netvibes to give a forecast for the next day, hereafter shown as a dotted line and an arrow.
Netvibes offers forecast, linear regression and smooth curve on any data you’re charting
Netvibes’ DNA is personalization. Of course, in personal corpus, we’ve seen this but also in Intelligence. I can analyze and crunch data my personal way. One thing I'm interested in is how content is treated, and I like to compare content with images to content without images, thinking (again, maybe it’s just me), that content with images is usually more thoughtful. With Netvibes, it’s super simple: I just have to add “AND enclosure:true” in Settings’ query field.
Set title, pivot, dates, query and limits
Click “Done” and voila.
In Orange I can see all trends for all content and in green, all trend for content with images. Hard to see the differences, isn’t it?
Yep. Fortunately, all charts we make can be compared.
How? simply by dragging one onto the other like this blue arrow shows…
Simply drag one app onto the other and Netvibes will create a 3rd one: the comparison of both
… and voila, what I immediately get:
A comparison in between the 2 apps above.
Trends with a gray background are common to both charts and the most popular. It's interesting to see Craig Federighi appears in all content, while Eddie Cue appears in content with images. Special, likely deeper, treatment applies on Motorola and Silicon Valley and NY. It's also interesting to see Jimmy Iovine and Beats. And it's hard not to read Google, Samsung and Microsoft’s mind shares.
This app is the result of the drag to compare of the 2 above. Note you can continue to drag to compare to more apps

Now, what I wanted to know, since there is a lot of action here, is:
What’s the impact of WWDC on Apple’s stock ($AAPL)?

First Netvibes’ Unique Selling Proposition (USP#1) is its unique way to define your Internet. Define what matters to you instead of using someone else’s pile of content you’d have to query with keywords.

Here’s USP#2: Netvibes’ Premium status allows you to chart and compare anything: Social media data like above, internal, external, open data… everything. We name it MisoData (here and here). Just as spreadsheets were an inflection point to business practices by empowering business people to crunch their own data to apply their intelligence beyond just looking at dead charts, Netvibes’ MisoData empowers you to not just look at charts, but rather to grab any data and simply drag to compare them in order to discover ROI, trends and correlations.

To answer my question, I need to chart how Apple’s stock, “AAPL”, is doing.

Super easy: Add > MisoData > Quantitative time-series
I can open any local CSV or Excel file, directly cut and paste data. Or, as is my preference, I can paste a URL that will update all the time so my Apple Stock Chart will keep on updating itself continuously.

I’m using Yahoo! Finance for that. Here’s the URL if you want to do the same.

Data can come from anywhere: local, on the cloud or simply cut and paste. Any CSV or Excel file works!

A few clicks to get exactly the app I want, and voila:

Upper banner with logo is optional. Details give data information, Insights explain top/low points, trends, crossing points and Notes helps pinpoint major events
Definitely moving in the right direction, but how does it really compare with the WWDC event? Well, you know how it works by now. Drag to Compare to the rescue!☺
Simply drag the Stock chart onto the mention chart (or the reverse)…
Any chart is “drag to comparable.” So any data can be compared with a simple drag and drop.
and voila.
$AAPL is in purple. Holes means no quotation over the week end, while, of course, mentions continue. To that point, notice how mentions go down over week-ends and back up with the stock during week days…It is easy to see the positive effect of the conference on Apple’s stock.
Netvibes automatically set dual axles to ensure the best comparisons
Now that we know there is an impact, let’s see how people are talking about Apple and WWDC. We call this “pivoting.” Just open Settings in the app where you want another analytic and switch to “how”…
Pivot from What is said to Who said it to Where it happened to How is it perceived with a simple switch in the app.
… and Netvibes will show you, on that very same filtered content, what is the perceived sentiment:
Netvibes shows neutral, positive and negative sentiments from our own algorithm. We also have Tone metrics for manually curated opinions (smarttags)

Now, I’d like to see who are the influencers.
Same as the switch to “How,” now we switch to “Who”…

You can set more authors in this list or see all 494..
I’m going to read what Alex Heath and Killian Bell are writing.. Of course, I could do this on only the negative sentiment from above, only the positive sentiment, or all content. With Netvibes, it's all is up to me. You can pivot infinitely like this. No special form, no number of analytics limitations, all you.

Now for the action part. We’ve seen above there is link in between mentions and Apple’s stock. What I now want is to set Netvibes on autopilot and email me all content but only if and when the sentiment drops below 80% positive.

Let’s set an alert that will trigger an action.

In the Sentiment app shown above, I just click on the green bar for the positive sentiment

Note alerts but also Read recent articles. In fact, reading sources and analyzing them is the same for Netvibes. Just another pivot.

… and click on “create an alert”

Notice the “activation” in the IFTTT link. Netvibes will click on this URL when the alert will be triggered

Here I ask Netvibes, if the sentiment drops below 80% within an hour to alert me via email and to trigger an action. Can be anything.

Here I’d like to trigger a recipe on IFTTT
This recipe listens to the RSS of the search I shared above

Just grab the activation link from this recipe and add it to Invoke URL in Netvibes’ alert.

… and it seems it’s already happening as I was reviewing this story on Medium (great product btw)

Yop. real time. 3 in a minute here. Of course, you set another alert to switch this activation off if sentiment goes back above 80%

Pretty cool, no?

Give Netvibes Premium a shot!

You’re an individual?
Experience the difference with our 2 USPs:
Personal Corpus and MisoData
Try Netvibes Premium for 1, free for 14 days here

You’re an Agency, an Enterprise or simply a team of people?
For teams, we have a 3rd USP: PushMail. A complete, super-powerful report/newsletter publishing platform to periodically receive customized emails, themed, targeted and selected content. Uber-cool.
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Netvibes’ product line is all explained here.

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