Creating your Open Corpus - A Step by Step Tutorial

The Open Corpus allows you to stay in control of your data sources. This tutorial will show you how to curate the sources that are relevant to you.

Before starting the tutorial, log into your account at

1. Add sources quickly

Many sources can be added simply by entering the website address, letting Netvibes do the rest. In this example, we're going to track Polygon, a gaming blog.

Click “Add”, then “Reading app” and enter the URL of the web site you want to track.

Drag and drop the feed icon to your dashboard.

Repeat for all of the blogs, news sources and social network profiles you wish to monitor.

Note: If Netvibes doesn't find the feed for your source, try to locate the rss feed address on the website. It is usually represented with one of the following icons:

2. Focus your sources

Go directly to the source website to focus your feed to the correct section of the site. It's particularly beneficial to target your feed to the relevant section for news sources that cover many topics. We're going to monitor the PS4 section of IGN.

Find the PS4 section you wish to monitor. 

Copy the URL your browser's URL bar.

Repeat the steps in section 1, Add sources quickly, using the URL you copied.

Remember: don't restrict too much! Adding multiple sections from the same site is recommended.

If you want to monitor a YouTube channel 

Open a YouTube channel's page and copy the URL link, which is something like:
Copy the URL your browser's URL bar.

Go back to and repeat the steps in section 1, Add sources quickly, using the URL you copied.

Add the RSS and that’s it.

3. Import existing subscriptions using OPML 

OPML is a file type that is widely used to distribute lists of RSS feeds

You will be able to use this OPML file to import your feeds into Netvibes.
Click on 'Add'
Click on 'Reading app'
Click the 'Import OPML’ section
Find the opml file
Click 'Open'

You should now be well on your way to creating a targeted, relevant Open Corpus.

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