How To Monitor Social Media with Netvibes Dashboards

Whether you’re a multinational brand or a small startup, tracking your social presence is a round-the-clock job. How can you keep track of your brand, product or competitors’ social presence across multiple social platforms?

Fortunately, Netvibes offers the best tools to easily keep track of everything that’s happening out there on the social web. Today, we’ll show you how to quickly setup your dashboard to manage and post to your social media accounts, as well as monitor what’s being said publicly on Twitter, Facebook and Forums.

Let’s look at our top 3 Social Monitoring apps and how to use them:

1. Twitter

  • Add a Twitter app. Click on “+ Add”, go to Essentials and add the official Twitter widget to your page. Inside the widget, click on “+ Add” to link it with your Twitter account.
  • Start tweeting! Once linked, you can start using it as your main tool to communicate on Twitter: post new tweets, replies, send direct messages, etc.
  • Drag & Follow. Want to create a new widget to follow another user? Simply drag & drop the username anywhere on the page, and Netvibes will automatically create a new widget with all tweets from this user. And you can do the same with any hashtag.

2. Facebook

  • Add a Facebook app. Click on “+ Add”, go to Essentials and add the official Facebook widget to your page. A new window will open asking you to link your Netvibes and Facebook accounts.
  • Start posting! Once linked, you can start using it to post on your Facebook profile: post new status updates, replies, view friends and groups requests, etc.
  • Drag & Follow. Just like with our Twitter app, simply drag any username or hashtag to create a new app to monitor the conversation.

3. Social Search

  • Add a Social Search app. Click on “+ Add”, go to Essentials and add the Social Search widget to your page.
  • Now you can search and monitor Twitter, Facebook and Forums–all at once! Inside the widget, simply type a keyword or hashtag you want to follow.
  • Drag & Follow. Again, drag & drop a user name, page or hashtag anywhere on the dashboard to creat a new widget and start following it immediately.

Want to dig further? Check out the Netvibes Ecosystem. We’ve got many other social apps–including Facebook Search & Compare that allows you to keep track of multiple Facebook pages and compare their growth.

Want to go beyond monitoring? With Netvibes Premium, you can use our adaptive social analytics tools to spot real-time trends, uncover key influencers, and understand public sentiment and keyword clouds on Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs and the entire Web. If you want to discover how powerful Netvibes Premium is for monitoring social media, take a look at our demonstration video here.

Netvibes Premium and Netvibes for Enterprise users also have the ability to integrate with social enterprise tools. Want to learn more? Contact us for a free demo here.

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