How-To: Universal Search for VIP

If you're a Netvibes VIP or Premium subscriber, you can use our Universal Search feature to quickly and easily search through all articles and apps on your Dashboard. Here's how:

How To Use Universal Search ?

Universal Search works with three elements: keywordsparameters and operators. What makes the tool so powerful is the ability to combine these elements into a single query.

Examples of use

Simple Search

To perform a simple search on your dashboard, simply enter the desired keyword in the box. For terms composed of multiple words, use quotation marks. Example :

"Netvibes Dashboards"


Search by filtering certain keywords

If you want to find items including certain terms and not others, you can use the NOT operator and combine it with other operators, such as AND or OR. Note that operators are always uppercase.

For instance, to find all articles mentioning the company “Orange” by omitting those who talk about the fruit, use the query:

"orange" NOT "fruit"

If you want to exclude several words, you can do this:

"orange" NOT ("fruit" OR "lemon" OR "yellow")

For more information about operators, see our FAQ.


Search on title

By default, the search is done on the content (parameter: content) and the title (parameter:title), and if the keyword is found in either one of them, it will be listed in the results. But you can also limit your search to the title only.

For instance, to find all items whose title contains “Marvel”, use the following query:


To do the same search on both title and content:

title:"Marvel" AND content:"Marvel"


Contextual search

It may also be useful to search for items based on keywords that are close to one another in the text. For this, the NEAR operator is used.

For instance, to search for all articles where we find the words “new” and “york” nearby in the text, use the following query:

"new" NEAR "york"

You can also specify the maximum number of words between two elements of a search:

"apple" NEAR/5 "iphone"

will search for the word “iphone” within 5 words max of the word “apple”.


Search by filtering a certain domain or author

If you wish to filter a domain name or a particular author, use the See All & Refine tool to filter your results according to these criteria.

For example, if you search on “iPhone” but want to limit your results to mobile sites specializing in telephony, click See All & Refine, go to the Domain tab on the right side of your dashboard, and select sites you want to include in your search.

You can filter your items the same way according to their author, date of publication, location and many other things.


Search on a single feed

You can also limit your search to a single feed, for instance if you want to track a particular site on a particular topic. To do this, use the FEED parameter.

Suppose you want to trace all articles on Clubic dealing with the iPhone. The query to use is as follows:

"iphone" AND feed:


Fields of Search

You probably have several tabs on your dashboard, and you probably use them to categorize your content. If you have for instance a “computer” tab, a “sports” tab and a “movie” tab, and you want to make a search on two of these three sources, it is possible with the tab setting.

Suppose you want to find all items referring to “Steve Jobs”, but only in tabs “movie” and “computer”. The query will look like this:

"Steve Jobs" AND (tab:cinema OR tab:informatique)

Any item found in either tab mentioning “Steve Jobs” will be automatically reported.

In addition, if you use the tab or feed parameter, the tool will offer you an initial list of suggestions As you type your search (autocomplete) .

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