How to create a brand monitoring with Netvibes in a few steps ?

Objective : You want to find out what is said about your brand / product / competitor ?

Learn how to prepare your dashboard in a few steps. This tutorial will help you to prepare your monitoring and ask yourself the right questions to define the perimeter, the indicators you want to track, and finally write the appropriate search queries so you won't miss any mention or new article, tweet or post.

Always think of the final result you want to show or gather, and how you want to use the results and data. 

Eg: I want to monitor the number of mentions of MyBrand on the Social Networks.
--> On which Social Networks exactly ?
--> Do you want a list of items who mention your brand or/and a graph that shows the evolution of the number of mentions depending on time ? 

1 - The perimeter

First, define a monitoring language.

Why is this important ?

The language of your results depends on the language in which you're typing your search queries and the language of your sources and corpus. 

Second, select a period of time: last week, last month, the past 3 months..  

Third, define the sources from where you want to monitor your brand :

  • Medias, News
  • Social networks
  • Web ( search engines > yahoo , bing, google )
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Forums
2 - The corpus Be specific with your sources. You are responsible for importing them to your dashbaord database either with a RSS feed, either with specific Social Media accounts. Using Netvibes' essential widgets, you can configure a 360 degrees monitoring including : Media, News: Search on online newspapers and magazines, general and/or specialized press who matches your market. Social Networks: Search on Facebook, Twitter, Google + You can also add a specific account in your corpus. Especially if you want to monitor : - a specific Twitter user or account - a specific Facebook Fan Page Netvibes allows you to follow any account of your choice. Web: search your brand/competitor mentions on the main search engines : Google, Yahoo, Bing. This will allow you to discover new sources if you don't have some already. Blogs: Search among the most important blog platforms such as WordPress, Blogger or Twingly Videos: Search a video in Youtube or Vimeo Forums: if you don't have already the RSS feed from a specific forum you want to follow, the boardreader widget will help you search within its own database. Your corpus is now setup ? You know on which platforms exactly you want to monitor your brand and you have selected the ones that interest you most ? You're now ready for the next steps : 3 - Queries & Analysis You next work will be to extract from this database corpus the mentions of the keywords that interest you most. It could be a combination of keywords with boolean operators.

- Find mentions containing AT LEAST one of the following keyword :

use the OR operator

- Find mentions containing ALL of the following keywords :

use the AND operator

Eg : Find the mentions containing (“MyBrand” OR “myCompetitor” ) AND Paris

Finally, give a name/title to your alert

Eg : # of mentions of MyBrand on Twitter

As a result, each search will create a separate app with:

a - A list of articles or items containing the keywords and conditions

b - The possibility to pivot to a visual and up-to-date evolutive graph

Advanced use : Tip ! > Each graph on the dashboard is exportable to an automated report and downloadable as a PNG file for further use.

Tip ! > With Netvibes, you can define a mention search ( query ) applied to one tab only, it can allow you to search on a specific language sources for example, or on a precise topic or category. All you have to do is organize you sources and give an explicit title to the tab so you can find it easily while doing your analysis job. 

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