How do I dynamically change a date in a PushMail subject?

Some PushMail subjects are designed to display dates or times. Subject can be formatted so that the date and time appears in the manner you wish.

The format= parameter enables you to format the date using the Date Formatting Codes listed below. Each code letter is always preceded by a percent sign.

Here is some examples of formatting the {current_time} global variable
  • Today is {current_time format="%B %d, %Y"}  would be rendered like this "Today is August 5, 2014"
  • Week {current_time format="%U, %Y"} would be rendered like this "Week 32, 2014"
VariableDescriptionSample Rendering
%sseconds“00” to “59”
%Useconds since the epoch 
%iminutes“00” - “59”
%ghour, 12-hour format without leading zeros“1” to “12”
%Ghour, 24-hour format without leading zeros“0” to “23”
%hhour, 12-hour format“01” to “12”
%Hhour, 24-hour format“00” to “23”
%a “am” / “pm”
%A “AM” / “PM”
%dday of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros“01” to “31”
%Dday of the week, textual, 3 letters“Fri”
%jday of the month without leading zeros“1” to “31”
%l(lowercase ‘L’) - day of the week, textual, long“Friday”
%wday of the week, numeric“0” (Sunday) to “6” (Saturday)
%WISO-8601 week number of year, weeks starting on Monday“42”: the 42nd week in the year
%mmonth“01” to “12”
%Mmonth, textual, 3 letters“Jan”
%Fmonth, textual, long“January”
%nmonth without leading zeros“1” to “12”
%tnumber of days in the given month“28” to “31”
%Lboolean for whether it is a leap year“0” or “1”
%yyear, 2 digits“99”
%Yyear, 4 digits“1999”
%zday of the year“0” to “365”
%BSwatch Internet time 
%I(capital i)“1” if Daylight Saving Time, “0” otherwise
%ODifference to Greenwich time (GMT) in hours“-0500”
%PDifference to Greenwich time (GMT) with colon between hours and minutes“-05:00”
%rRFC 2822 formatting“Thu, 21 Dec 2000 16:01:07 +0200”
%SEnglish ordinal suffix, 2 characters“th”, “nd”
%TTime zone setting of this machineMDT
%Ztime zone offset in seconds. The offset for time zones west of UTC is always negative, and for those east of UTC is always positive.“-43200” to “43200”


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