Netvibes Insights presents Social Media for Life Sciences

Social Media for Life Sciences

In this installment of Netvibes Insights, we're exploring the expanding role social media has for the Life Sciences industry. Between heavy FDA regulation and rich user data, we explore some of the best practices being used by industry leaders today and what Industry Experts believe should be the future of social media and Life Sciences.

We'll be covering insights on:
  • 8:08 - What monitoring industry news, videos and social sources in real-time can uncover
  • 11:06 - Keeping tabs on top competitors in the space by analyzing key web metrics
  • 23:40 - Leveraging collaboration across the team to understand the current landscape and what lies ahead
  • And always tune in live to participate in our Q&A session: 32:13
Enjoy our short presentation on the Life Sciences Industry and the new social frontiers of their business.

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