Netvibes Insights presents Social Media Crisis Management: Lessons from the NFL

Lessons from the NFL

When social media creates a firestorm of consumer protest against your company’s actions, how do you get ahead of the arguments and turn crisis into opportunity?
Learn techniques to successfully manage any social media crisis in this free webinar, co-presented by Netvibes and Prosyna. Presenters Marty Levine and Kim Terca take lessons from a real-world case study by examining the recent social backlash around the NFL© and domestic violence.

Attendees will learn best practices and tools for monitoring, measuring and reacting in real-time to PR crises in social channels, using a Netvibes dashboard and Prosyna’s social media management tool.

For brands in any industry, social media crises can erupt unexpectedly and quickly spiral out of control, with the backlash lingering for months. It’s essential for social media practitioners to have a solid grasp of the tools so they are immediately aware of the problem and can respond quickly to minimize the damage.


Disclaimer: Netvibes and Prosyna are in no way affiliated with the National Football League, or its Properties. This webinar is for informational purposes only. Netvibes is not an official website for the National Football League.

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