Does Netvibes provide exportable RSS?

If you are a VIP or a Premium Netvibes user, you probably already know our Tracked Topics feature: When you use Universal Search, you can save your search by creating a Tracked Topic app. Once added to your dashboard, the app will be automatically updated as new related content comes into your dashboard via your feeds so that you never miss a piece of news that matters to you.

As much requested, you can now create an RSS feed from any Tracked Topic app – and in as few as 3 clicks:

  1. Click on the four-dot Edit button on the header of any Tracked Topic app
  2. Click on Export
  3. Click on RSS feed

And that’s it! Your newly created feed is now opened in a new window where you can grab its URL.

Let’s take a concrete look at how it works with 3 examples:


As you can see above (click on the image to enlarge), there are 3 Tracked Topic apps on the tab conveniently entitled “Topics”.

  • The first Tracked Topic app “tab:Hi-Tech” gathers all the articles of the 7 feeds located on the Hi-Tech app. Here’s its feedExporting the feed of such a Tracked Topic app is similar to what you used to be able to do with Google Reader when you could export Google Reader Folders.
  • The second app “wwdc 14 topic” gathers all the articles in English about iOS8 or OS X Yosemite across all of the 7 tabs. Here’s its feed.
  • The third app “author:”Darrell Etherington” from TC” filters all the articles of a specific author, also across all of the 7 tabs. Here’s its feed.

Thanks to the power of Universal Search, your possibilities to generate new RSS feeds are then endless. 

By default, each feed is limited to 10 results but you can add more using actions[options][limit] parameter in URL[searches][0][id]=62d82bc4-5b86-11e4-9d1d-782bcb074bd1&actions[searches][0][token]=dc668988ec4fbe96705d2409da8d334ffd5d7c1e&actions[options][utc_offset]=1&format=atom&actions[options][limit]=50

You can click here to read more about how to use Universal Search to create Tracked Topic apps tailored to your needs.

So now, with Netvibes, not only can you curate content, but you can also filter out unwanted information and generate your own custom output.

Get access to these advanced features by becoming a VIP user here or by starting your free 14-day Premium trial here.

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