Push Publishing, instantly send updates to your team

One of the most praised features of Netvibes Premium is “Push Publishing”. Imagine being able to propagate live content to your teams or clients, through your dashboard like new tabs, new analytics or web apps, new themes.

Let’s take a real life example: you work at an agency specialized in the wine industry and you use Netvibes Premium Dashboards to gather information and spread it across your social media team. While researching for your client, you stumble upon a new blog about E & J Gallo Winery, a hot new Napa valley competitor, so you decide to track and analyze it in a new tab on your Master Dashboard. You can then push it to the rest of your team’s individual dashboards through Push Publishing. Easy, right? And you can later update it with new sources or remove sources that are not relevant anymore, etc.

And your users can still decide which information they want to keep on their dashboard. You might have a team working only on French wines, so anything about Californian wineries will be of little use to them and they can choose to discard that information (i.e. delete the apps or tab about “Californian wineries”) and any subsequent update.

That’s the magic behind Push Publishing! It’s a great way to share relevant content and analysis with your co-workers, teams or clients and let them decide whether they want to use it or not.

Push Publishing currently supports:

  • Apps syncing: App & apps's positions are synced between the Master and User dashboards
  • Tabs syncing: Tabs, tabs's positions and tabs's status (open,  library or locked) are synced between the Master and User dashboards
  • Layout syncing: Dashboard overall theme and tabs layouts are synced between the Master and User dashboards
  • Simplified update process: Every change to the Master Dashboard is automatically applied to User Dashboards
  • Switch to a completely new dashboard: If the Master Dashboard is completely replaced (i.e. when redesigning from scratch), the user can choose to switch to the new version, which will then completely erase & replace his/her current copy
  • Private sandbox: Allows publishers to publish a specific dashboard for a specific period of time or event, or to work on a separate draft in the background before pushing it to the users

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