How do I reset the content of my Netvibes Premium Dashboard personal copy?

The “Push Publishing” feature allows Netvibes Premium For Teams Administrators to propagate through the dashboard live content like new tabs, new analytics, web apps or new themes to their teams or clients. 

Push Publishing currently supports:

  • Apps, Tabs and Layout syncing: Apps, Tabs and Layouts are synced between the Master and the User dashboards
  • Update process: Every change to the Master Dashboard is automatically applied to the User Dashboards
  • Switch to a completely new dashboard: If the Master Dashboard is completely replaced (i.e. when redesigned from scratch), the user can choose to switch to the new version, which will completely erase & replace his/her current copy.
As a Premium User, you can always add your own tabs and own apps to any premium copy. But sometimes, the content of your personal copy can be overwhelmed by the number of changes and synchronization with the master fails.

At any moment, you can decide to reset the content of your premium dashboard copy by yourself to automatically get a new fresh version free of all your personal changes.

To do that, follow this tutorial:

Click on your 'Dashboards' menu dropdown in the topbar then click 'Manage'

Locate the copy you want to erase

Click on 'Reset' and confirm your action

And that's it, at your next visit to the Premium Dashboard, you will obtain a new up-to-date version.

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