Dashboard Of Things introduction


Netvibes is already the Dashboard of Everything, enabling you to monitor and analyze all the data that matters to you. Now, Netvibes is taking dashboarding to the next level, by empowering you to take control and program your own Internet. It’s the Dashboard of Every Thing. With Dashboard of Things (a.k.a. 'DoT'), you can easily program custom interactions and automate tasks between web apps, people, third-party services, connected devices and Netvibes activities from a single dashboard.

How Does It Work?
Choose your triggers, Use logic filters and Add some Actions. When a Potion is triggered, Netvibes will automatically perform actions for you. The new Netvibes supports a ton of interactions. You can mix and match triggers and actions to automate almost anything. Welcome to your programmable Netvibes!

What Are Potions?
A potion is a formula containing ingredients that have a magic effect. "When I get a new thing in A, do those other things in B; otherwise do this in C." The first part of the sentence is the trigger, the second and third parts are actions. A potion is defined by one or more ingredients, one formula and one or more actions, e.g. "When new articles in the feed "NYTime" are received with "apple" in the title outside week-end, send them to my email address and save them in Pocket" is a potion.

What Are Ingredients?
"Ingredient" is the common name used in DoT to describe a potion component. Basically any web app on your dashboard and any connected third-party service or device can be an ingredient, e.g. "Twitter" connected service is an ingredient, the Weather app is an ingredient, My Withings body scale associated with Netvibes is an ingredient

What Are Triggers?
A trigger is anything that initiates an event, e.g. "When an email is received" is a trigger.

What Are Events?
An event is anything that takes place or happens, e.g. "When an email is received" is a trigger, but "When an email is received with urgent priority" is an event.

What Are Actions?
When a potion is triggered with a positive formula (when either one or all conditions are matched), all defined actions are executed, e.g. "Send an email" is an action.

How Do I Make a Potion?
The first thing you'll want to do is pick the ingredients and actions for your Potion.
Use the "Add" button then click "Create your own Potion" and follow the wizard

Can I use Pre-Made Potions?
Yes, you can browse amongst a set of popular Potions.

Can I use two or more arguments / triggers?
Yes. With DoT, you can combine as many ingredients as you want.

Can a Potion execute several actions?
Yes. When a Potion is triggered, you can execute as many actions as you want.

Does DoT allow multiple levels of logic?
Yes, e.g.: If there is a new post today on theverge blog that matches 'Apple' in the title, email me that something is happening in the Apple world.

Does DoT support multiple accounts per Ingredient?
Many companies need multiple handles for different product lines and countries. Within a Netvibes Dashboard, you can link several accounts and manage all of them in one place. All you have to do is link each account you manage (e.g. my professional Twitter account, my personal Twitter account, my company fanpage, my Facebook personal account, etc.). You will never have to juggle with several passwords again.

How do I disable a Potion?
Any Potion can be turned on and off by toggling the Potion’s switch on your dashboard.

How long does it take for the action to be executed when a potion is triggered?
We check for new triggered potions every minute. Some are real-time.

Can developers write custom Potions for Netvibes?
Not yet but stay tuned.

Does DoT provide a programming language?
Yes, with DoT comes an easy and powerful natural Netvibes Programming Language that you can use in advanced mode.

Is there a way to tweak email subject or email content to catch my eyes?
Yes, you can customize email subject and email content as you wish

Does DoT provide Potions history?
Not yet but stay tuned.

Does DoT provide potions activity logs?
Yes, Check your potion' app

Is it doable to run a specific potion only during a certain time schedule? 
Yes. With Date & Time, you can choose a defined period of time or a specific date

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