How do I Create a Potion?

What is a Netvibes Potion?

A Netvibes Potion allows you to program automatic actions from the dashboard. You pick the Trigger(s) and Action(s), and Netvibes makes it happen automatically. For example: If this Trigger happens, then do these 3 Actions; otherwise, do this Action. Each Potion can include as many Triggers and Actions as you choose.

How to create a Potion

1. Go to your Netvibes dashboard. If you do not yet have a dashboard, create a free account at

2. In the upper left corner of your dashboard, click “Add.”

3. From the “Add” menu, click “Potion App”

4. Select a preset Potion. Or create your own from scratch.

5. Pick one or more Trigger(s) for your Potion. When the Trigger(s) take place, your Potion will be activated. You can use any of the currently supported Ingredients. We are adding more Ingredients weekly!

6. Configure your Trigger(s). It’s easy; just follow the wizard’s prompts. In this example, we want to know when there is a new Forbes article with “Netvibes” in the headline.

7. Pick your Action(s). Once you have added all of your Trigger(s), it’s time to determine the Action(s) you want to take place. Netvibes will automatically do these Actions when the Potion is triggered.

8. Configure your Action(s). Just follow the wizard. In this example, when there is a new article published, we want to receive an email.

9. Give your Potion a name. You can name it anything you like.

10. Congratulations! You have created your new Potion. The Potion now appears as an app on your dashboard. You can turn the Potion on or off by toggling the switch.

11. (BONUS) Want to share your Potion with the world? Simply click “Share.”

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