Do all users of a dashboard have the same exact information?

All users of a dashboard start with the same master dashboard. However, with Netvibes user permissions each user will have their own version or copy of their dashboard:

Once a user of the dashboard makes any changes to their copy of the dashboard, they are only making those changes on their copy.

There are two caveats:

  • If the admin user makes changes to the master dashboard, which is indicated by this bar at the top of the screen, then presses the publish button (see below), new apps, new tabs and theme changes will be reflected on all users' dashboards. Those changes will not affect the changes each user has made to their copy of the dashboard.
  • Collaborative Features - SmartTagging and notes are two collaborative features that allow users to work together for more efficient use of the dashboard.

Admins and publishers can also control what is seen by each user with tab labels

Depending on each users permissions, certain changes may or may not be allowed. Click here for more on permissions:

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