Whats the difference between admin, publisher, analyst and subscriber?

Subscriber: Subscribers have read-only access and can’t create analytics.

Generally you give subscriber access to a user you want to be able to tag and read articles.

Analyst: Analytics have access to all dashboard functions (analytics, tracked topics, Dashboard of Things) but only on their copy of the dashboard.

Analysts will never have to worry about making changes across everyone’s dashboards but can get all the insights available on the dashboard.

Publisher: Publishers don’t have access to any of the administrative functions like adding users and creating new dashboards, but do have all the dashboard access afforded to other users

Publishers have access to the master dashboard and can publish those changes to all other users as well. The master dashboard is indicated by this bar at the top of the page:

Admin: The admin is the highest rank of the Netvibes user permissions. The admin user can do everything, including administrative actions like creating new dashboards and adding users. THey have access to all the dashboard functions as well.

The admin has both their own copy of the dashboard and access to the master dashboard.

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