Why do I get an error when I upload my MisoData file?

There are various reasons you may not be able to upload your file to MisoData the first time.  Usually it's simply a case of reformatting the file.  Make a note of the error message you see and cross check the possible reasons you may have received it below.

"Please upload a valid file":

Your file may be too large. MisoData has a maximum file size limit of 10 MB.

Your file may not be in the correct file format

Your file may not include data in a format supported by the data type you selected in Step 1:

Your file may include additional information besides your data. Ensure the first row of your spreadsheet or CSV file contains the header row and the data is in the rows directly below.

Your file may include cells that span multiple rows or columns

Your CSV file may have an uneven number of columns in each row

"We are very sorry :( An unexpected error has occured. Please contact the support or try again later."

The URL you entered for a Cloud-based source may be unreachable or invalid. The URL for your file must be reachable on the internet (or on the same network for Netvibes NFE deployed on premise) and the credentials must be valid. Try loading the URL directly in your browser to ensure it works.

"An error has occurred, please try again later or contact the support"

The date format of your time series data may be in an unsupported format. Make sure it is in a supported format.

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