Can I Automate Google Adwords export into a MisoData?

if you are not familiar with AdWords scripts, follow these instructions to get going under a minute.

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns tab in the AdWords web application.

  2. In the left navigation click Bulk operations, then choose Scripts.

  3. Click + Script button to create a new script.

  4. Copy and paste the following code into the editor area:

    function main() {
      var keywords = AdWordsApp.keywords()
          .orderBy("Impressions DESC")

      Logger.log("10 keywords with most impressions yesterday");
      while (keywords.hasNext()) {
        var keyword =;
        Logger.log(keyword.getText() + ": " +

  5. Click Authorize now to authorize the script. Don't worry, this only has to be done once per script.

  6. Click Preview and wait a bit for the results to appear.

  7.  Once you've created a script, you can schedule it to run once, daily, weekly or monthly at a certain hour:

    1. On the Scripts page in the "Actions" column, click + Create schedule next to the script you'd like to schedule.
    2. In the drop-down box next to "Frequency," choose how often you'd like your script to run.
    3. Depending on your choice of frequency, you can then choose an exact date, a day of the week or a day of the month. You can also choose the time you'd like your script to run.
    4. By default, we've checked the box next to "Email me if my authorization expires." This means you'll be emailed if your script can't run for any reason, which can occasionally happen if you have multiple scripts. Uncheck this box if you don't want to be notified.
    5. Click Save.

    If you later decide to run your script at a different time, click Change schedule in the "Actions" column of the row with your script.

"Account Summary Report"  script is a report showing the performance of an entire AdWords account. Additionally, it sends an HTML-formatted daily email with current account statistics. 

How it works

The script fetches yesterday's statistics and updates the spreadsheet. The graphs are pre-configured to display the stats. If the email address is specified, the script sends out an HTML-formatted email.

Tip: If you set the "Last check" date in the spreadsheet to a date in the past, the script will fill in data between then and now. We recommend that you do not go back more than 90 days, as fetching statistics takes time.


  • Set up a spreadsheet-based script with the source code below. Make a copy of this template spreadsheet.
  • Create a new script with the source code below.
  • Don't forget to update SPREADSHEET_URL in your code.
  • Schedule the script Daily, 5am.

Source code

// Copyright 2015, Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.

 * @name Account Summary Report
 * @overview The Account Summary Report script generates an at-a-glance report
 *     showing the performance of an entire AdWords account. See
 *     for more details.
 * @author AdWords Scripts Team []
 * @version 1.0.1
 * @changelog
 * - version 1.0.1
 *   - Improvements to time zone handling.
 * - version 1.0
 *   - Released initial version.


 * Configuration to be used for running reports.
  // Comment out the following line to default to the latest reporting version.
  apiVersion: 'v201601'

function main() {
  Logger.log('Using spreadsheet - %s.', SPREADSHEET_URL);
  var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(SPREADSHEET_URL);

  var yesterday = getYesterday();
  var last_check = spreadsheet.getRangeByName('last_check').getValue();
  // Checks every day from last day checked to yesterday inclusive. If there
  // isn't a last date checked, checks yesterday.
  var date;
  if (last_check.length == 0) {
    date = new Date(yesterday);
  } else {
    date = new Date(last_check);
    date.setDate(date.getDate() + 1);

  var rows = [];

  while (date.getTime() <= yesterday.getTime()) {
    var row = getReportRowForDate(date);
    rows.push([new Date(date), row['Cost'], row['AverageCpc'], row['Ctr'],
        row['AveragePosition'], row['Impressions'], row['Clicks']]);
    date.setDate(date.getDate() + 1);

  if (rows.length > 0) {
    var access = new SpreadsheetAccess(SPREADSHEET_URL, 'Report');
    var emptyRow = access.findEmptyRow(6, 2);
    if (emptyRow < 0) {
      emptyRow = access.findEmptyRow(6, 2);
    access.writeRows(rows, emptyRow, 2);

    var email = spreadsheet.getRangeByName('email').getValue();

    if (email) {

function sendEmail(email) {
  var day = getYesterday();
  var yesterdayRow = getReportRowForDate(day);
  day.setDate(day.getDate() - 1);
  var twoDaysAgoRow = getReportRowForDate(day);
  day.setDate(day.getDate() - 5);
  var weekAgoRow = getReportRowForDate(day);

  var html = [];
        '<table width=800 cellpadding=0 border=0 cellspacing=0>',
            '<td colspan=2 align=right>',
              "<div style='font: italic normal 10pt Times New Roman, serif; " +
                  "margin: 0; color: #666; padding-right: 5px;'>" +
                  'Powered by AdWords Scripts</div>',
          "<tr bgcolor='#3c78d8'>",
            '<td width=500>',
              "<div style='font: normal 18pt verdana, sans-serif; " +
              "padding: 3px 10px; color: white'>Account Summary report</div>",
            '<td align=right>',
              "<div style='font: normal 18pt verdana, sans-serif; " +
              "padding: 3px 10px; color: white'>",
               AdWordsApp.currentAccount().getCustomerId(), '</h1>',
          '<table width=800 cellpadding=0 border=0 cellspacing=0>',
            "<tr bgcolor='#ddd'>",
              "<td style='font: 12pt verdana, sans-serif; " +
                  'padding: 5px 0px 5px 5px; background-color: #ddd; ' +
                  "text-align: left'>Yesterday</td>",
              "<td style='font: 12pt verdana, sans-serif; " +
                  'padding: 5px 0px 5px 5px; background-color: #ddd; ' +
                  "text-align: left'>Two Days Ago</td>",
              "<td style='font: 12pt verdana, sans-serif; " +
                  'padding: 5px 0px 5x 5px; background-color: #ddd; ' +
                  "text-align: left'>A week ago</td>",
            emailRow('Cost', 'Cost', yesterdayRow, twoDaysAgoRow, weekAgoRow),
            emailRow('Average Cpc', 'AverageCpc', yesterdayRow, twoDaysAgoRow,
            emailRow('Ctr', 'Ctr', yesterdayRow, twoDaysAgoRow, weekAgoRow),
            emailRow('Average Position', 'AveragePosition', yesterdayRow,
                twoDaysAgoRow, weekAgoRow),
            emailRow('Impressions', 'Impressions', yesterdayRow, twoDaysAgoRow,
            emailRow('Clicks', 'Clicks', yesterdayRow, twoDaysAgoRow,
  MailApp.sendEmail(email, 'AdWords Account ' +
      AdWordsApp.currentAccount().getCustomerId() + ' Summary Report', '',
      {htmlBody: html.join('\n')});

function emailRow(title, column, yesterdayRow, twoDaysAgoRow, weekAgoRow) {
  var html = [];
      "<td style='padding: 5px 10px'>" + title + '</td>',
      "<td style='padding: 0px 10px'>" + yesterdayRow[column] + '</td>',
      "<td style='padding: 0px 10px'>" + twoDaysAgoRow[column] +
          formatChangeString(yesterdayRow[column], twoDaysAgoRow[column]) +
      "<td style='padding: 0px 10px'>" + weekAgoRow[column] +
          formatChangeString(yesterdayRow[column], weekAgoRow[column]) +
  return html.join('\n');

function getReportRowForDate(date) {
  var timeZone = AdWordsApp.currentAccount().getTimeZone();
  var dateString = Utilities.formatDate(date, timeZone, 'yyyyMMdd');
  return getReportRowForDuring(dateString + ',' + dateString);

function getReportRowForDuring(during) {
  var report =
      'SELECT Cost, AverageCpc, Ctr, AveragePosition, Impressions, Clicks ' +
      'DURING ' + during, REPORTING_OPTIONS);
  return report.rows().next();

function formatChangeString(newValue,  oldValue) {
  var x = newValue.indexOf('%');
  if (x != -1) {
    newValue = newValue.substring(0, x);
    var y = oldValue.indexOf('%');
    oldValue = oldValue.substring(0, y);

  var change = parseFloat(newValue - oldValue).toFixed(2);
  var changeString = change;
  if (x != -1) {
    changeString = change + '%';

  if (change >= 0) {
    return "<span style='color: #38761d; font-size: 8pt'> (+" +
        changeString + ')</span>';
  } else {
    return "<span style='color: #cc0000; font-size: 8pt'> (" +
        changeString + ')</span>';

function SpreadsheetAccess(spreadsheetUrl, sheetName) {
  this.spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(spreadsheetUrl);
  this.sheet = this.spreadsheet.getSheetByName(sheetName);

  // what column should we be looking at to check whether the row is empty?
  this.findEmptyRow = function(minRow, column) {
    var values = this.sheet.getRange(minRow, column,
        this.sheet.getMaxRows(), 1).getValues();
    for (var i = 0; i < values.length; i++) {
      if (!values[i][0]) {
        return i + minRow;
    return -1;
  this.addRows = function(howMany) {
    this.sheet.insertRowsAfter(this.sheet.getMaxRows(), howMany);
  this.writeRows = function(rows, startRow, startColumn) {
    this.sheet.getRange(startRow, startColumn, rows.length, rows[0].length).

 * Gets a date object that is noon yesterday.
 * @return {Date} A date object that is equivalent to noon yesterday in the
 *     account's time zone.
function getYesterday() {
  var yesterday = new Date(new Date().getTime() - 24 * 3600 * 1000);
  return new Date(getDateStringInTimeZone('MMM dd, yyyy 12:00:00 z',

 * Produces a formatted string representing a given date in a given time zone.
 * @param {string} format A format specifier for the string to be produced.
 * @param {date} date A date object. Defaults to the current date.
 * @param {string} timeZone A time zone. Defaults to the account's time zone.
 * @return {string} A formatted string of the given date in the given time zone.
function getDateStringInTimeZone(format, date, timeZone) {
  date = date || new Date();
  timeZone = timeZone || AdWordsApp.currentAccount().getTimeZone();
  return Utilities.formatDate(date, timeZone, format);
Now, you have an Adwords Google Spreadsheet updated automatically on a daily basis, you can follow this tutorial to create a MisoData app based on this spreadsheet

List of all the fields is available in the ACCOUNT_PERFORMANCE_REPORT here:

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