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  1. 'Looks like this feed is not valid or currently not responding' message

  2. 'Please wait a moment' error message

  3. 'There is no news in this feed' error message

  4. A subscriber of my Library doesn't have the permissions that I set as the owner of the Library. Why?

  5. A subscriber of my Shared Library doesn’t see the new sources I’ve added to the library I own. Why?

  6. Advanced mode overview

  7. Are analytics just based on feed content or full article content?

  8. Are chain reactions doable with Dashboard of Things?

  9. Are there any limits on the number of searches?

  10. Be automatically signed each time I access my page

  11. Blank page after signing in

  12. Boolean Search: Best Practices

  13. Can a Potion execute several actions?

  14. Can analytics crunch internal contents or data, like our newsletters, or company documents?

  15. Can I Automate Google Adwords export into a MisoData?

  16. Can I Automate Google Analytics export into a MisoData?

  17. Can I be notified if something is forecasted to change?

  18. Can I be notified of changes relative to other data?

  19. Can I be notified of trends in negative or positive mentions?

  20. Can I create a filter or analysis based on or excluding a Shared Library?

  21. Can I display key topics or themes in a word cloud?

  22. Can I hide tabs for certain users?

  23. Can I manage groups of users ?

  24. Can I re-sync my analytic app with a new Corpus?

  25. Can I see when a topic is a trending up or down in a specific app?

  26. Can I see when my internal data is trending in a specific direction?

  27. Can I trigger a Potion on demand?

  28. Can I use two or more arguments / triggers?

  29. Can my colleagues see the content sources through analytics? (Netvibes Premium for Teams)

  30. Can Netvibes search for blog/website comments?

  31. Can the search queries be exported out or backed up?

  32. Can you compare to past performance?

  33. Can you customize your Pushmail reports?

  34. Can you investigate the information behind the analytics?

  35. Can you list of third party service and/or client data that Netvibes have integrated for a client?

  36. Can't add multiple Bookmarks apps with different content on the dashboard

  37. Cookies we use

  38. Create a Netvibes Widget for your Blog

  39. Creating your Open Corpus - A Step by Step Tutorial

  40. Dashboard Of Things introduction

  41. Describe the Netvibes overall security approach in the product including technical implementation, components, ability to work with 3rd party products, etc

  42. Different ways to use Netvibes

  43. Display issue / App stuck on loading

  44. Do all users of a dashboard have the same exact information?

  45. Do I need technical skills or HTML knowledge?

  46. Do my analytic charts update every time a new article arrives?

  47. Do my analytic charts update when I add or remove a source?

  48. Do you only support importing of groups and users from active directory, or do you support federation?

  49. Do you provide .po or .pot files so I can edit the files offline?

  50. Doc are you telling me you built a time machine?

  51. Does Dashboard of Things support multiple accounts per Ingredient?

  52. Does DoT provide a way to turn off a Potion when going to fall asleep?

  53. Does Netvibes support google advanced search operators?

  54. Does Netvibes support twitter advanced search operators?

  55. Does Netvibes allow keyboard shortcuts?

  56. Does Netvibes allow offline mode?

  57. Does Netvibes allow push notifications to client browser?

  58. Does Netvibes allow team collaboration?

  59. Does Netvibes allow terms extraction?

  60. Does Netvibes allow users to manage several Facebook Fan pages ?

  61. Does Netvibes allow users to manage several Twitter accounts?

  62. Does Netvibes allow users to tag posts?

  63. Does Netvibes allow VIP users to filter by specific keywords?

  64. Does Netvibes components integrate with Active Directory or LDAP?

  65. Does Netvibes have reporting tools?

  66. Does Netvibes have significant competitors?

  67. Does Netvibes offer 100% control over data sources?

  68. Does Netvibes Premium allow users to drill down and compare data?

  69. Does Netvibes Premium filter spam and duplicate data?

  70. Does Netvibes Premium support SAML based federated authentication?

  71. Does Netvibes provide a tool to identify influencers?

  72. Does Netvibes provide an Android app?

  73. Does Netvibes provide an iPhone app?

  74. Does Netvibes provide automated alerts and reports?

  75. Does Netvibes provide dedicated mobile interface?

  76. Does Netvibes provide email alerts for reports and crisis management?

  77. Does Netvibes provide exportable RSS?

  78. Does Netvibes provide metrics on specified accounts of interest (such as follower growth, engagement, etc)?

  79. Does Netvibes provide metrics on specified posts of interest (such as engagement, reach, etc.)?

  80. Does Netvibes provide metrics on specified Twitter conversations and hashtags?

  81. Does Netvibes provide multiple dashboards?

  82. Does Netvibes provide relative date values for search?

  83. Does Netvibes provide support for complex boolean queries and social-specific operators?

  84. Does Netvibes provide user access controls depending on role?

  85. Does Netvibes search support proximity search?

  86. Does Netvibes securely store its users data?

  87. Does Netvibes support an externalized security solution for authentication and authorization?

  88. Does Netvibes support encryption in-transit (HTTPS)?

  89. Does Netvibes support SAML based federated authentication?

  90. Drag & Follow: How do I set up a stream of a Twitter or Facebook user?

  91. Embed a private/public dashboard into another website

  92. Error message during the sign up

  93. Feed app is stuck on loading

  94. Feeds do not update anymore

  95. For how many years has Netvibes been operating?

  96. How are Netvibes products sold today?

  97. How can I be notified of new strings available for translation?

  98. How can I change my translator avatar?

  99. How can I change the icon from Netvibes to a customized one?

  100. How can I monitor a Facebook page?

  101. How can I monitor and analyse Pinterest?

  102. How can I report issues?

  103. How can I restrict who has access to my Shared Library and whether they can share and duplicate it?

  104. How can Subscribers get the physical Library app/module on their dashboard?

  105. How can you be sure the answer given by your analytics is complete?

  106. How change the profile image of my account?

  107. How Dashboard of Things does work?

  108. How do I add a podcast?

  109. How do I add an icon to a tab?

  110. How do I add sources quickly?

  111. How do I build a MisoData app that use URL-based file (time matching variables)?

  112. How do I cancel my Netvibes Premium subscription?

  113. How do I cancel my Netvibes VIP subscription?

  114. How do I change every user’s dashboard at the same time?

  115. How do I change the column layouts of my tabs?

  116. How do I change the Dashboard name?

  117. How do I change the language of my dashboards?

  118. How do I clear my browser cache?

  119. How do I create a MisoData from a Dropbox file?

  120. How do I create a MisoData from a Google Drive spreadsheet?

  121. How do I create a MisoData from a OneDrive file?

  122. How do I Create a Potion?

  123. How do I create a Shared Library?

  124. How do I create an OPML file from a list of RSS URLs?

  125. How do I create an RSS Feed for my Facebook notifications?

  126. How do I create and export PushMail reports?

  127. How do I delete my Netvibes account?

  128. How do I delete my private dashboard?

  129. How do I delete my public dashboard?

  130. How do I dynamically change a date in a PushMail subject?

  131. How do I export an OPML file?

  132. How do I extract a feed from a Shared Library?

  133. How do I filter out data from certain domains?

  134. How do I force redirection to the desktop version of Netvibes from a mobile device?

  135. How do I import any article from the internet into my dashboard?

  136. How do I import feeds from Feedly?

  137. How do I import feeds from Newsblur?

  138. How do I import my feeds into Netvibes?

  139. How do I limit search results by time period?

  140. How do I make an RSS feed from a Facebook Page?

  141. How do I manage my brand’s Facebook Fan page?

  142. How do I move and copy tabs between two dashboards?

  143. How do I only change my copy of the dashboard?

  144. How do I remove duplicated feeds?

  145. How do I reset the content of my Netvibes Premium Dashboard personal copy?

  146. How do I set Netvibes as my default startpage?

  147. How do I setup a custom sharing to a Google Plus business page?

  148. How do I setup custom sharing?

  149. How do I share a corpus with another master dashboard?

  150. How do I share a corpus with another user?

  151. How do I share a dashboard to selected users, without the need to create user accounts?

  152. How do I share on Delicious?

  153. How do I share on

  154. How do I share on Instapaper?

  155. How do I share on LinkedIn?

  156. How do I share on Pocket?

  157. How do I share on Readability?

  158. How do I share on Reddit?

  159. How do I share on Tumblr?

  160. How do I show All or Only unread articles?

  161. How do I subscribe to a password protected feed?

  162. How do I subscribe to Netvibes Premium for One?

  163. How do I switch dashboard themes?

  164. How do I track updates from a site that doesn't provide RSS feed?

  165. How do I turn a private dashboard into a public one?

  166. How do I unsubscribe from a feed?

  167. How do Netvibes components support activity audits?

  168. How do you determine sentiment?

  169. How does recently read work?

  170. How does slow feeds work?

  171. How is Netvibes priced?

  172. How long does a Shared Library store articles?

  173. How long does it take for the action to be executed when a potion is triggered?

  174. How long does Netvibes store my articles?

  175. How many customers does Netvibes have?

  176. How many platforms does Netvibes support?

  177. How many search strings with boolean operators can be set?

  178. How much does Netvibes Premium Dashboard cost?

  179. How often will Netvibes update my feeds?

  180. How subscribe to Youtube channels in your Netvibes?

  181. How to change my email address?

  182. How to create a brand monitoring with Netvibes in a few steps ?

  183. How to exchange data from a Netvibes dashboard to your website?

  184. How to get notified when a @username you pick tweets?

  185. How to install the Netvibes bookmarklet

  186. How to install the Netvibes bookmarklet on the iPad?

  187. How to monitor a Twitter list in your dashboard?

  188. How To Monitor Social Media with Netvibes Dashboards

  189. How to subscribe to VIP?

  190. How to turn off cookies?

  191. How to Use Netvibes for Press Clipping Reports

  192. How to use the HTTP Call ingredient to send a request to your website?

  193. How-To: Universal Search for VIP

  194. How-To: Your Very First Dashboard

  195. I accidentally disabled my search bar. How do i reinstall it?

  196. I am not sure about a particular translation. Where can I find some help?

  197. I did not receive my activation email

  198. I have finished translating some strings, how can I preview my work?

  199. I have lost my password, how do I recover it?

  200. I have noticed in checking through many of the widgets that they do not work?

  201. I saw a string badly translated, how can I change it?

  202. I want to set up monitoring for our company but no data is found when doing a search

  203. I want to translate Netvibes for another language, can I do that?

  204. I'd like to activate/deactivate the public dashboard

  205. I'm unable to change my username

  206. Icon associated with a particular web site is not updating

  207. If you encounter any trouble accessing your account

  208. Import Twitter Analytics into Your Netvibes Dashboard

  209. In app view, all my feeds are collapsed by default?

  210. In how many languages do the sentiment analysis algorithm work?

  211. Is it possible to run a specific potion only during a certain time schedule?

  212. Is Netvibes a Native App, a Web App, or a Hybrid App?

  213. Is Netvibes's SMS ingredient free of charge ?

  214. Is there a limit to the amount of Apps that can be added?

  215. Is there a limit to the amount of email Potions that can be sent?

  216. Is there a limit to the amount of Potions that can be created?

  217. Is there a limit to the amount of stories that can be stored in Saved articles?

  218. Is there a list of all the languages available and supported by Netvibes?

  219. Is there a list of any industry analyst reports where Netvibes is mentioned?

  220. Is there a way to remove the Google Search from the topbar?

  221. Is there ability to export data/charts to Microsoft products: Excel, PowerPoint, and Access?

  222. Is there an ability to analyze demographic information about influencers related to specific conversations?

  223. Is there an ability to filter search results based on geographic location?

  224. Is there an ability to visualize the top content in a search?

  225. Is there flexibility in reporting time periods?

  226. List all authentication providers available for integration

  227. List countries where Netvibes has an on-site presence?

  228. List industries where Netvibes has considerable experience?

  229. List of Netvibes's sub-processors

  230. List regions where you have considerable experience and describe this experience?

  231. Minimal requirements, browsers supported/recommended

  232. My dashboard is stuck on loading

  233. My dashboard lost its content

  234. Netvibes for leveraging and analyzing the social cloud?

  235. Netvibes free trial

  236. Netvibes Insights presents Detroit 2.0: The Big 3 Go Social

  237. Netvibes Insights presents Financial Services: The New Social Ticker

  238. Netvibes Insights presents Intranet Portals: Integrating All Your Enterprise Apps

  239. Netvibes Insights presents Kraft: A Social Snack Strategy

  240. Netvibes Insights presents Nike Deconstructed: Real-time Brand Analysis, Monitoring and Management

  241. Netvibes Insights presents Social Media Crisis Management: Lessons from the NFL

  242. Netvibes Insights presents Social Media for Life Sciences

  243. Netvibes is slow/doesn't load

  244. Now that Twitter has removed RSS feeds does Netvibes have an alternative?

  245. Ok, I have my account and I am ready to rock. How do I begin?

  246. Personal data retention period

  247. Protection against common attacks such as “arp poisoning” and “syn flood attacks”?

  248. Push Publishing, instantly send updates to your team

  249. Redirected to another website after signing in

  250. The duplicate link isn't available to subscribers of my Shared Library even though I have set it in the permissions. Why?

  251. The translation in my language is inconsistent. The same term is translated in different ways.

  252. Thumbnails not displayed on the 'Link' app

  253. Unable to sign in with my account, doesn't seem to exist

  254. What are Dashboard of Things Potions?

  255. What are essential search apps?

  256. What are Netvibes’ products & technology?

  257. What are the best practices for building a Corpus?

  258. What Are the Limitations of Shared Libraries?

  259. What are the main Netvibes product differentiators versus competitors?

  260. What are the skills required for translating?

  261. What are the substitution variables and how do I use them?

  262. What can I do with my phone?

  263. What factors determine the words that are displayed in the "What is Said?" app in Keywords view?

  264. What happens if I don't see my translation online?

  265. What is a "1-Click Dashboard"?

  266. What is a "Corpus"?

  267. What is a Qualitative Series?

  268. What is a Quantitative Series?

  269. What is a Quantitative Time Series?

  270. What is a Shared Library?

  271. What is Adaptive Analytics ?

  272. What is an RSS feed?

  273. What is MisoData?

  274. What is Netvibes Premium for One?

  275. What is Netvibes VIP?

  276. What is Netvibes’ key financial data?

  277. What is represented by the segments in the How app when set to Sentiments view?

  278. What is the "autolibrary"?

  279. What is the "Needs work" box?

  280. What is the customer base (number, type, industry) of Netvibes?

  281. What is the dashboard wizard?

  282. What is the size of Netvibes company?

  283. What is the tab wizard?

  284. What is the trend of adoption of Netvibes in the market as compared to competing softwares?

  285. What is Universal Search?

  286. What kind of data can be imported?

  287. What potions can be created with MisoData?

  288. What potions can I create in “Mentions” view of the “What is Said?” app?

  289. What potions can I create with "Compare" apps

  290. What potions can I create with "Where is it Happening?" apps?

  291. What potions can I create with the “Keywords” view of the What is Said app?

  292. What tools can I use to ease my work?

  293. What's the difference between admin, publisher, analyst and subscriber?

  294. When can I see my translation online?

  295. When i open Netvibes I don't want to see a screen that says 'go to my dashboard'

  296. Where are the Netvibes offices located?

  297. Which applications are Netvibes solutions actively used for?

  298. Which Users Can Share, Create and Subscribe to a Shared Library?

  299. Why are some articles automatically marked as read?

  300. Why are some feeds truncated?

  301. Why are some of my feeds are only checked once a day?

  302. Why can't I see articles from 4 months ago?

  303. Why did my potion fail?

  304. Why do I get an error when I upload my MisoData file?

  305. Why does my Social Pack (“Who is talking,” “How is it perceived,” “Where is it happening”) app only show the most recent data?

  306. Why is it not possible to default to http for Netvibes?

  307. Why is my username not accepted during the sign up?

  308. With Netvibes Premium for Teams, can I read what my boss has read?

  309. You often refer to "SmartTags" as "Opinions". Why?

  310. You often use the word "pivot" in your analytics, what does it mean?

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