Open Corpus

  1. How do I add sources quickly?

  2. How do I create a basic brand monitoring dashboard?

  3. How do I import any article from the internet into my dashboard?

  4. I want to set up monitoring for our company but no data is found when doing a search

  5. What is a "Corpus"?

  6. What are the best practices for building a Corpus?

  7. Does Netvibes offer 100% control over data sources?

  8. How do I share a corpus with another user?

  9. How do I share a corpus with another master dashboard?

  10. What is the tab wizard?

  11. What is the dashboard wizard?

  12. How subscribe to Youtube channels in your Netvibes?

  13. How do I create a Shared Library?

  14. A subscriber of my Shared Library doesn’t see the new sources I’ve added to the library I own. Why?

  15. Can I create a filter or analysis based on or excluding a Shared Library?

  16. How long does a Shared Library store articles?

  17. What Are the Limitations of Shared Libraries?

  18. What is a Shared Library?

  19. Which Users Can Share, Create and Subscribe to a Shared Library?

  20. How do I extract a feed from a Shared Library?

  21. A subscriber of my Library doesn't have the permissions that I set as the owner of the Library. Why?

  22. The duplicate link isn't available to subscribers of my Shared Library even though I have set it in the permissions. Why?

  23. How can Subscribers get the physical Library app/module on their dashboard?

  24. How can I restrict who has access to my Shared Library and whether they can share and duplicate it?

  25. How can I monitor a Facebook page?

  26. Does Netvibes support google advanced search operators?

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