Dashboard of Things

  1. Dashboard Of Things introduction

  2. How Dashboard of Things does work?

  3. What are Dashboard of Things Potions?

  4. Advanced mode overview

  5. Is there a limit to the amount of Potions that can be created?

  6. Is Netvibes's SMS ingredient free of charge ?

  7. Is there a limit to the amount of email Potions that can be sent?

  8. How long does it take for the action to be executed when a potion is triggered?

  9. Are chain reactions doable with Dashboard of Things?

  10. Does DoT provide a way to turn off a Potion when going to fall asleep?

  11. What can I do with my phone?

  12. Can I trigger a Potion on demand?

  13. Why did my potion fail?

  14. Is it possible to run a specific potion only during a certain time schedule?

  15. Can a Potion execute several actions?

  16. Does Dashboard of Things support multiple accounts per Ingredient?

  17. Can I use two or more arguments / triggers?

  18. How do I Create a Potion?

  19. What potions can I create with the “Keywords” view of the What is Said app?

  20. What potions can I create in “Mentions” view of the “What is Said?” app?

  21. What potions can I create with "Compare" apps

  22. What potions can I create with "Where is it Happening?" apps?

  23. Can I see when a topic is a trending up or down in a specific app?

  24. Can I be notified of trends in negative or positive mentions?

  25. What potions can be created with MisoData?

  26. Can I be notified if something is forecasted to change?

  27. Can I see when my internal data is trending in a specific direction?

  28. Can I be notified of changes relative to other data?

  29. How to exchange data from a Netvibes dashboard to your website?

  30. How to use the HTTP Call ingredient to send a request to your website?

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