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Mobile versions

Which version for which device?

The universal URL for the mobile versions is mobile.netvibes.com.
It will detect your device and redirects you to the appropriate version (mobile version for smartphones and the standard touchable version for tablets).

Unable to create an account

Mobile versions are available only for users who have a registered account on Netvibes.
It's no possible to create an account from within any of the mobile versions.
If you do not have an account, or if you have a dashboard but never saved it, you first need to go to Netvibes.com through a regular browser and register yourself, then you will gain access to the mobile version.

Unable to edit my content

At the moment, the mobile versions do not allow you to edit your dashboard settings or content. You can't add or edit dashboards, tabs, widgets… It is a read-only version.

Access to public dashboards

Public dashboards are not accessible within the mobile version.

Some widgets are not displayed

Not all widgets are available on the mobile versions.
Here is a list of widgets that will not work on the mobile versions:

  • Blogmarksnet
  • Bookmarks
  • BoxNet
  • CraigsList
  • Delicious
  • Ebay
  • EncyclopediaSearch
  • FoxSportsVideo
  • Ical
  • MapsSearch
  • Meebo

List of widgets that will be available soon on the mobile versions:

  • Mail widget (popmail)